Are you ready to break free from your anxiety and say yes to the life you were meant for?


  • Are you tired of your mind being stuck in overdrive, constantly worrying and making you feel overwhelmed?
  • Have you had enough with letting fear and stress get the best of you?
  • Are you ready for a more fulfilling life? One where you finally believe in yourself and go all out?
  • Do you crave healthy, natural solutions to silencing your inner critic and getting through tough times?

Well then you, my love, are in the right place.


I know first hand that anxiety is a dream-crushing, soul-sucking form of energy. For years, it messed with every aspect of my life. My self-esteem, my relationships, my career…everything suffered when worry was the main experience in my mind. 


And if you’ve lived with anxiety, too, I bet you’ve followed all kinds of well-intended advice. Maybe you work with a therapist.  Or maybe you just got a prescription for anti-anxiety meds from your doctor. Or maybe you drink just to feel comfortable in social situations. Or maybe you avoid anything and anyone that makes you feel anxious.


Most of these approaches may make you feel a little better. For a little while.


But then anxiety always rears its big ol’ ugly head again, never allowing you to live your life fully. And by now you’ve started wondering, is there something more I can do to try to give anxiety the boot for good?


Yes, there is!! In my world, we take a holistic, natural approach to deep healing and transformation. 

And the only side effects are self-love, happiness, and deep personal fulfillment.

Heal your anxiety by redefining your mind, body, and soul!

Freedom From Anxiety transforms your anxiety into your power through the most effective tools in mindfulness, nutrition, yoga and lifestyle design.

In this 16-week program, you’ll get clarity on : 


  • How to keep your mood and energy stable through food and natural supplements
  • How to balance and relax your body through yoga, meditation, and breathing tools
  • How to use mindfulness to transform negative thoughts and into positive, self-loving ones
  • How to get better sleep, even when you’re short on time
  • How to talk to other people about your anxiety in order to get the support and compassion you need
  • How to go after that relationship and career you truly crave without letting your anxiety and fear get in your way
  • Plus … a feel-good, full-proof accountability system to help you stay strong on the most difficult days


This holistic program is remarkably effective. Former participants like you consistently call it “life-saving” and “game-changing.”


Sure, if you went to a therapist, an herbalist, a nutritionist, a yogi, and a life coach…you’d get little pieces of it here and there. 


But this could cost you upwards $10,000 a year. And more time than you should be willing to waste prolonging your anxiety.

But with the Freedom From Anxiety program, you get all the best natural healing tools in one easy-to-follow system.

This system has helped hundreds of people like you put anxiety behind them for good.


Together we develop bulletproof skills and mindset for living an anxiety-free life.


When we’re through, you will feel so much relief, relaxation, and self-love inside that the whole world around you will change. You’ll feel like a new person, free from anxiety and confidently living a fulfilling, honest and courageous life.


No constant worry and fear. No more beating yourself up. Just living and loving each and every moment.

Here’s what you’ll take away:

  • A concrete diet plan with exactly what to eat, what to avoid, and how to supplement in order to feel less anxious.

  • A variety of meditation and yoga practices to make you feel relaxed and at ease in your body

  • Powerful skills to change your fears and negative thoughts into positive, loving ones instead

  • Communication skills to advocate for yourself and your needs

  • A belief in yourself and faith in the Universe

Here’s how you’ll get these incredible results:

  • 30 minutes of video coaching from me each week (pre-recorded), together with specific anti-anxiety and self-love tools to practice each day.
  • Unlimited access to all recordings, worksheets and tools so you can always have exactly what you need to feel positive and get through any tricky situation with power and grace
  • An amazing community of people living their best life, gathering on a call twice a month for a live Q&A with me
  • Plus, over $500 in bonuses! This is some of my best content on positively harnessing your creative mind to build an amazing life.

Here’s what we’ll do each week:

Unit 1: Set A Healing Foundation

  • Week 1: Believe Life Can Be Different
  • Week 2: Practice Self-Compassion
  • Week 3: Understand the Biology of Anxiety
  • Week 4: The Freedom from Anxiety Diet
  • Week 5: The Freedom from Anxiety Routine

Unit 2: Change Your Relationship With Fear

  • Week 6: The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Week 7: Cultivating Mindfulness
  • Week 8: Convert Negative Thoughts Into Constructive Ones 

Unit 3: Change Your Energy

  • Week 9: How To Handle An Anxiety and Overwhelm
  • Week 10: Face Your Fears
  • Week 11: Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Unit 4: Design Your Life Of  Self-Love

  • Week 12: Build Supportive Relationships
  • Week 13: Set Boundaries
  • Week 14: Authentic Vocation
  • Week 15: Healing Habits and Environments
  • Week 16: Create Your Radiant Life Plan

You’ll Get Access To Exclusive Bonuses

Here are the amazing bonuses you get for free if you sign up today!

  • Masterclass on The Mind-Body Connection (Value – $250)
  • Tapping For Anxiety : Video Training (Value – $150)
  • Cultivating Mindfulness Through Art : Guided Training (Value – $100)


Eileen,New York

Freedom From Anxiety has completely transformed my life. Before this program, I was drowning in anxiety and negativity. As a mother, I had this constant nagging sense that I was never doing enough for my kids. I felt the same way at work, nothing I ever did was good enough. So I would just try harder and harder and I completely neglected myself in the process, which of course only made me feel more anxious and more overwhelmed. I knew I had to break this cycle so that I could set a good example for my daughter and stop wasting my life on negativity. Caitlin had so many rave reviews that I decided to give this program a shot. Sure enough, after just two weeks, I was already feeling a lot of relief. I learned how to stop beating myself up and how to accept and love myself as I am. I also learned how to use my thoughts and my body to keep myself calm and positive when I was feeling overwhelmed. Today, I feel like I can handle whatever life throws at me. Now, when I look in the mirror every morning, I feel a genuine love and appreciation for myself. I’m proud of who I am and the example I set for my family. Thank you, Caitlin!!

Before coming into Caitlin’s world, I struggled with a lot of social anxiety. I felt like I wasn’t accepted in social situations. I was hyper-conscious of how people were reacting to me, and just always had this anxious feeling of being unliked. However, in Freedom From Anxiety, Caitlin told me about a few powerful natural supplements that immediately made my days easier and my mind lighter. Then she dove deep into nutrition, and showed me how to change my diet to spark my body’s own natural “feel good” chemicals. I had no idea how much those little things - like coffee and sugar - were actually impacting my it was empowering to learn that these were things in my control. But by far the most life-changing skill I learned through this program is mindfulness. Caitlin helped me discover that the reason I felt so uncomfortable in social situations was because I had tons of negative thoughts running in my subconscious mind. And she walked us through a really helpful, step-by-step process to stop those thoughts and build a more positive mentality. Not only do I feel a lot less anxious in social situations now, but I’m also a lot more positive, loving, and compassionate in my relationships. So if you struggle with anxiety, this program with definitely help you!. And your mind, body, and soul will thank you!


Jessica,New York

When I first heard about Freedom From Anxiety, I was a bit hesitant to sign up. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fit it into my already busy, overwhelmed schedule. But I realized that if I truly wanted to feel better, I needed to invest time in myself, so I got on board. And boy, am I happy I did! This program has everything you could possibly need to take a natural approach to healing your anxiety. Caitlin is so passionate about this topic and about helping people heal that you really look forward to her sessions each week. In the program, she shows you how to map out your anxiety so that you know exactly which thoughts, places, people, or food are causing it in the first place...and how to get rid of those underlying causes. Moreover, she teaches you how to dissolve anxiety when it comes up: how to talk yourself through it, be kind to yourself, and not let it get the best of you. In the first module of this program, Caitlin does a really powerful meditation where she gets you to meet your “future” self...the version of you who has healed your anxiety and become a more confident person, living as you really want to live your life. Well guess what? Now, one year later, I have truly become that version of myself. And I attribute those changes 100% to Caitlin’s coaching.

Before Freedom From Anxiety, I was struggling to manage my anxiety. My experiences of anxiety were overwhelming at times and they would sometimes lead to panic attacks.  I had a particular anxiety about driving, and sometimes I felt like a prisoner in my own home. I signed up for this program because I felt that Caitlin truly understood what I was going through..especially because she shared with us her own experiences with anxiety, and how she overcame them with natural remedies. Through the program, I felt more relieved and not as alone. Caitlin taught me tools to manage anxiety - such as how how to eat for a more positive mindset, how to use my thoughts to diffuse my anxiety, and how speaking my truth could have a positive effect on my mood.  Not only did Caitlin make me more aware of these phenomena; she also presented the anatomy, physiology and science that supported her teachings, and this made me have even more faith in her program. After practicing the tools in Caitlin’s Freedom From Anxiety program, my anxiety has been a lot more manageable, and I have not had a panic attack since. More importantly, I have been able to experience the freedom and joy from driving again, and lead a more happy and fulfilling life!!!

Carolyn,San Francisco

Your Coach

Hi! I’m Caitlin, an award-winning Holistic Life Coach in New York and creator of the Freedom From Anxiety program. Well, that’s who I am now, anyway.


Ten years ago, though, I was an over-anxious and under-confident woman, hiding behind a lot of masks, makeup, and medication. I searched for a cure for my anxiety for years—always looking for the magic bullet. The one thing I could do, say or think that would end my self-critical agony.


But nothing ever worked, because all the specialists I went to had a limited understanding of my anxiety. 


Psychologists told me about the chemical imbalance in my brain. Yoga teachers told me I had energy stuck somewhere in my body. Dieticians told me I ate too many carbs. Coaches told me I was too focused on the negative. Partial explanations and partial solutions.


I realized that if I wanted to find a truly transformative, integrative solution, I had to create it myself. I studied behavioral therapy, positive psychology, nutrition and herbs, energy sciences, movement-based healing and relationship management for over a decade. I researched thousands of tools and tested how they work together. Eventually, I cracked the code, and truly healed my anxiety. I stepped into a new, confident and self-loving version of myself.


And there was no turning back. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to beat the anxiety epidemic taking over this world through a holistic and natural approach. I hope you’ll be the next person to join me in this liberating experience!

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Wanna feel 100% confident that this program is the right fit for you?

Then let’s chat! I understand how important it is to feel confident that you’re investing your time and energy in something that will really work for you, so I’m committed to giving you that peace of mind.


Schedule a free call with me using the link below, and let’s connect! We’ll talk about what’s happening in your life and decide if this program is the right fit to get you where you want to go. I’ll also answer all your questions and make sure you have complete clarity on what this natural healing system is all about.

100% Money Back Guarentee

I’m so confident that Freedom From Anxiety will help you, that I’m offering you a 100% money back guarantee. I know Freedom From Anxiety will work for you. It’s the same process that’s helped hundreds of my clients become confident and realize their potential. But I also want to give you an opportunity to experience this amazing program risk free. If you don’t feel confident when you complete the program, I’m offering you 100% of your money back.

All I ask is this: Go through all four modules, complete every exercise, and use the tools I give you. And then if you feel unhappy with your results, I’ll give you back your money. No questions asked, just a thanks for giving it a shot.


Who should enroll in this course?

If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, stress, and worry - then Freedom From Anxiety is going to be tremendously helpful for you. This program will help you feel better, think better, eat better, and really - live better.

There is one characteristic I see in the people who really get amazing results with this program: They are action-oriented. Every week, I’m going to be giving you information and equipping you with various tools. But it’s up to you to follow the assignments and do the practices. It’s up to you to reach out to my team if you get stuck and want some extra help. You’ve got tons of support during this program, but you have to be ready and willing to show up, to try new things, and to make time for practicing the skills, habits, and beliefs you’re working on.

So if you’re curious about naturally healing anxiety, but don’t think you’re up for making some changes in your life, or putting in the time to develop new habits - then Freedom From Anxiety might not be right for you at this moment. But if you’re really ready to dive into these practices and commit to the path of healing, then this is the right program for you. 

What if I’m already in therapy? Is this course still for me?

If you’re already in therapy, that’s terrific! There will be very little overlap between what you learn here and what you talk about with your therapist. You can use the techniques you learn in Freedom From Anxiety to complement the work you’re doing in therapy. Or you can even ask your therapist to support you throughout this course, discussing what you’re learning about yourself and anxiety in your sessions.

What if this course doesn’t help me?

My top priority is helping you heal. So if this program doesn’t do that for you, I offer a full money-back guarantee. (Though, to be honest, I’ve never once had to issue it) For more details, check out the refund policy.

I have more questions. Can I get some assistance?

Of course. We’d love to hear from you. Shoot us a mail at and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours or schedule a call with me to decide whether this program is the right fit for you!

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