You desperately want to relax, feel confident, and let go of anxiety, yet you’re also so caught up trying to succeed at work, be super friend/mom/partner of the year, and keep up social appearances, that prioritizing your own healing has been extremely difficult (to say the least).

And yet, in today’s crazy world, the steadfast commitment to a healthy mind and body is what separates those who continue to drown in the sea of negativity, worry, and overwhelm, from those who emerge with a bucket full of vitality and optimism.

Now I already know you’re willing to put in the time and effort towards achieving your goals.

You just need to change the goal from perfection to peace.

Let me show you how to systematically integrate psychology, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga and healthy relationships to create an anxiety-free life that makes you feel like your best self.

Start with the articles to the right, then consider booking a breakthrough session with me today.


Are you hijacked by your anxiety? Constantly making mental lists of all the ways that you could fail – and all the things that might go wrong?

Use this Cheat Sheet to transform your negative thoughts into loving and constructive self-talk – so you can ditch your anxiety once and for all!

The 30-day Anti-Anxiety Meal plan is the easiest way to start healing your body and mind right away. In it, you’ll find insanely delicious recipes of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days to dramatically cut your anxiety.

Get INSTANT Access To

  • Step-By-Step instructional video on how to use tapping to soothe anxiety
  • A technique that can be used anywhere or anytime you feel anxious – at your desk, or in your car
  • The transcript and cheat sheet to help you develop your tapping sequence
  • The simple tapping script that can be customized for you
  • drug-free way to alleviate anxiety at the moment it strikes