You’ve been feeling sad, helpless, and lonely for months now. It’s like you’ve been absent from your own life, constantly weighed down by depression and loss of motivation.

You know you would feel a little better if you went to the gym or called a friend, but even the thought of those small tasks feels overwhelming, and you’re embarrassed to ask for help – especially since you really don’t want to talk about why you’ve been so MIA for so long.

Plus, one trip to the gym feels like a small win in a larger losing battle against a constant whirlwind of negative thoughts and feelings.

If this keeps getting worse, you’re worried you’ll fail at some of your most important goals, letting down a lot of people who rely on you, and even worse, yourself.

You wish there was some natural pill that would pump happy thoughts through your head all day and give you all your energy back. You wish you could just figure out, once and for all, how to overcome depression and get back to the “real” you.

Well, you can. But the solution isn’t a pill, it’s your lifestyle. I can show you how to overcome sadness by integrating positive psychology, mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise. It’s the most effective, empowering path to get you over this hump and back on track.

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