January 5 | 2 p.m.– 6 p.m. | CROWN HEIGHTS, bROOKLYN

This super practical workshop teaches you the most cutting-edge tools in psychology, nutrition, mindfulness, herbalism and lifestyle design – empowering you with an all-natural, comprehensive path to releasing stress and healing anxiety.



MASTERCLASS: How to Create Emotional Wellbeing by Tapping Into the Mind-Body Connection

This 1-hour workshop will teach you three concrete, scientifically-backed tools you can use to tune in to the infinite wisdom of your body. You can use them throughout your day to help you make important decisions. You can use them you evaluate a new supplement, meditation technique, or exercise pattern. You can use them to plan your days, and really, your whole life. And most importantly, you can use them to finally step off the emotional rollercoaster, and step into balance and inner peace.