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Hello there,

you big-hearted, high-achiever!

You’ve worked so hard to build a meaningful life, and yet, you don’t feel fulfilled.

Frustrated by your job, dissatisfied with the lack of intimacy in your relationships, and overwhelmed by life in general, you know deep down that this is not what your life is supposed to feel like.

You’re made for more: more meaning, more purpose, more fulfillment, and a whole lot more joy.

After all, you’re passionate, hard-working, and super savvy. Your talents, work ethic, and strong moral compass mean you’re capable of contributing in a bigger and better way. 

And yet, you feel like your life is so full of obligations and responsibilities that you don’t even have time to figure out what the problem is, or why you’re so stuck.

You often daydream about running away…because your soul is longing for so much more.

But here’s the truth: the restlessness you’re feeling is actually a calling to go deeper into your soul. The Universe is urging you to evolve in ways that you can align with your inner power so that you can seize the life you know you were born to live.

I’m Caitlin,

People like you hire me to show them that the life they want is truly possible. 

Together, we help you establish a personal connection with the Universal Creative Spirit. We develop your emotional mastery skills to overcome anxiety, people-pleasing, and that vicious inner critic. We use your values to develop a sense of purpose, meaning, and contribution in your daily life and relationships.

And the result?

More meaning, more joy, and more intimacy with the people that matter most in your life.

You’ll get into the flow of Divine Living, and your life will be forever changed.

Here’s my story:

Born and raised in New York, I always felt pulled to express my gifts and talents in ways that would make a difference. To do so, I first thought that all I had to do was work really hard in school. I got all As and participated voraciously in the Honors Society. That led to academic achievement, but not to lasting fulfillment.

Then, I thought I just had to fit in with the right crowds, so I became captain of a NY State winning cheerleading team. That led to tons of popularity, but not to lasting fulfillment.

Then, I thought I had to become more creative and expressive. I became the lead in my school play and went to the number one theater high school in the US. That led to adoring fans, but not to lasting fulfillment.

Then, I thought I had to save the world. I got my Masters in Social Work from Columbia University, and then got a fellowship to build and scale a social enterprise in India, which reached millions of people. That led to a lot of reverence, but not to lasting fulfillment.

Then, I thought I had to be an entrepreneur. I started multiple companies and collaborated with world-famous changemakers. That led to freedom, but not to lasting fulfillment.

At that point, finally, an inner voice popped up. I didn’t know this voice very well; I had covered her up for almost thirty years in order to listen to other peoples’ voices. But here’s what she had to say:

“The only way to fulfillment is inner peace through a deliberate attitude of love.”

I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but I decided to follow the call. I immersed myself in every mystical spiritual tradition. I got a dozen different certificates in holistic well-being. I cut down my list of goals to just one: to live every day, every moment, from my heart.

It took a tremendous amount of courage and conviction to stay on this path. I had to make peace with parts of myself I had long-ago disowned. I had to take responsibility for every emotion I experienced. I had to be vulnerable with other people way more than I wanted to. I had to take a giant leap of faith to let the Universe support me (instead of trying to force my personal agenda.)

It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but HOLY MOLY was it worth it. There is an art and a science to living from the attitude of love, and when I finally figured it out, I felt like a walking miracle! It was like every conversation I had with other people was deep, meaningful, and supportive; like every day at work was an exercise in spreading joy; like me and time were finally on the same side; and like my energy, creativity, and compassion were endlessly abundant. It’s like I cracked the code to anchor heaven on earth. I had finally discovered the keys to lasting fulfillment.  

My inner abundance then gave way to the profound connection and contribution I had always longed for in my life. In August of 2016, for example, I launched my coaching practice and had a full roster of clients by November that same year. In the summer of 2019, when I was longing for a creative outlet, a book deal from the fastest-growing publisher in the US literally landed in my lap. I met the man of dreams while salsa dancing in Bombay, and we got married at the foothills of the Himalayas the next year. The best part? Because I wasn’t searching for fulfillment in any of these things, I could actually do them in a relaxed, fun, and joyful way. This is Divine Living: a fulfilling life powered by a deliberate attitude of love.

I’m here to help you create a meaningful life!

If you’re a big-hearted, high-achiever longing for a life of joy, meaning, and intimacy – I would be so blessed to light and guide your journey.

There are two ways to start working with me:

  • If you want 1-on-1 exclusive mentorship immediately, then book your breakthrough session with me today. We’ll dive into your greatest challenges and identify the core obstacles blocking your joy. You’ll walk away feeling joyful, purposeful, and empowered, with a practical roadmap to achieve your goals.
  • If you want to learn how to rise about stress and create more joy and inner fulfillment, then sign up from this free one-hour training. You’ll learn how to break through stuckness and create the life your soul is longing for.

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