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Passionate women like you join our programs to create more fulfillment, more intimacy, and more joy in their lives + relationships.

Our programs empower you to:

  • Cultivate extraordinary relationships with yourself, your partner, and all the people that contribute to the quality of your life (no matter how far apart you’ve grown)
  • Release past trauma from your subconscious patterning so you stop suffering in the present and contribute to a better future
  • Explore and express your unique gifts, feelings, and ideas, so you can find your authentic voice and become confident building intimate personal relationships at home + work
  • Experience deep daily fulfillment and alignment with your life’s purpose, so you stop burning out trying to “prove yourself” with achievements and you finally find out how to contribute to others in a way that energizes rather than depletes you
  • Build emotional fitness & overcome the mental and emotional overwhelm of being a woman who feels like she’s doing it all (and has no energy left)

We’ve become famous for saving women who are on the brink of giving up on their marriage or career for good, helping them create a new beginning and build the most fulfilling lives they’ve ever had.

Why Amazing Relationships Are The Key to Fulfillment

Hi! I’m Caitlin, the founder + head coach of Radiant Wholeness. 

Like you, I’m a passionate, curious, driven woman on a quest to feel more peace, more love, and more joy every day. But for the first half of my life,  my relationships got in the way of that happening. I felt unsupported by my family, unfulfilled by my romantic prospects, and inhibited by my professional colleagues. Even my relationship with myself was a disaster: my inner perfectionist ruled a critical roost of thoughts in my head all day, which no matter how many anti-anxiety meds I took or how busy I kept myself, never seemed to go away.

Eventually, I did what many successful women do to cope with a lack of unconditional love: I decided to focus completely on my career.

Fast forward 15 years, and by 2016 I had graduated from an Ivy League school, climbed the ranks at the United Nations, and raised millions of dollars for my startup to alleviate poverty. I even had a book deal on the way!…

But despite all my accomplishments, I secretly longed for deeper connection all around me:

  • I desired a romance that felt like my soul had come home…
  • I wanted my profession to feel  like a collaboration of amazing people bringing out the best in one another while working towards a shared mission…
  • I longed to have a circle of girlfriends who just got me, with whom I could share my life and feelings without shame or worry of being judged…
  • I craved companionship for new adventures and creative projects…

And though I never would admit this out loud at the time, the truth is that I wanted to feel taken care of. And I wanted to belong. The feminist inside me hated the idea of “needing” other people to fulfill me, but the little girl inside of me, who had never known the joy of healthy, intimate relationships, was desperate to experience deeper connection. (And by now she and I both knew that we couldn’t fill that hole with more professional achievements.)

As I searched for answers, I found a Harvard study in which scientists examined human fulfillment over 75 years. Their conclusion? The biggest predictor of human happiness is the quality of our close relationships. 

That’s when it hit me: I had no idea how to build long-term, authentic intimacy in my close relationships. Sure, my marriage, friendships, and work relationships started out great, but all of them deteriorated or fell away over time as we triggered and eventually lost trust for one another. And I’d be left wrestling with terrible questions like, “why aren’t I more lovable?” and “what’s wrong with me?”

At that moment, I decided to go a whole new direction with my life. If intimate relationships were the secret sauce to fulfillment, then I was going to find the ingredients, master the recipe, and cook up a feast. I took the leap into learning the art of loving, starting with my relationship to myself. 

I learned how to work with my big emotions, connect with my intuition, and build an empowered relationship with my body. I got clear on my purpose and committed to being the Love for myself that I sought from others. I built a deep connection with the Universe and She taught me how to receive what I needed in order to feel alive, empowered, and joyful every day. I stopped all my self-sacrificing and self-sabotaging, and made my way to the center of my own heart. With this foundation of self-love, I was ready to graduate to building amazing relationships with the people around me:

  • I learned how to connect and communicate with my husband in ways that made both of us feel heard and seen…and how to keep our romance exciting as we both evolved as people.
  • I broke through the toxic culture at work, set boundaries in my professional relationships, and built professional partnerships that empowered me to live my mission and values.
  • I cultivated a community of twenty new, deep, soul-mate friends (a big feat for an introvert!), so I always feel supported and connected in the ups and downs of life, knowing these women full accept me with all my big feelings or weird habits. 
  • And I knew I was really onto something when I managed to rebuild the relationships with my birth family from scratch, releasing the pain of 30+ years.

Today, these supportive, intimate relationships are the vehicle that drive my life joyously forward:

  • I’m creatively partnering with so many incredible humans on a ton of awesome projects that I love and could never get done alone
  • I feel fully seen and supported in my highs and my lows by my partner, friends, and colleagues
  • I know I’m safe to share every part of who I am with my people, and to be vulnerable about the thousands of imperfections in my life and the help I need. There’s nothing to prove, so I can just be my authentic self with ease.. 
  • I spend all my time with people who adore, inspire and lift me up (rather than people I just put up with or feel obligated to maintain a relationship with)
  • Because my heart is no longer triggered by other people’s imperfections, I feel open, receptive, and playful wherever I go and no one else can control how I feel  (talk about feminine power!)
  • Work has become a lot more fun and a lot less stressful; collaboration is a joy and I never feel like I have to be one that everyone relies on to get shit done.

I feel so fulfilled. Every day. Whether it’s a “good day” or a “bad day,” no matter what I look like, what I do or what I don’t do, no matter if there are massive emotional ups and downs…my people are there, loving me, making every minute of life meaningful.

That is the power of secure, intimate relationships. They give you the fulfillment, peace, love, joy, and connection that makes every part of life feel special and sustainable.

I want this for all passionate women….especially the ones who, like me, have struggled to feel supported and loved all their lives. It’s our mission here at Radiant Wholeness to help you shine by empowering you with everything you need to create high-quality, intimate relationships and feel fulfilled at every level.

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Dream Team


As a world-renowned life coach and the author of the popular self-help book The Path to Positivity, Caitlin has helped thousands of passionate women build the life, relationships, and career their soul is longing for. She specializes in supporting impact-driven leaders who have big dreams and are craving more love, more joy and more intimacy in everything they do.

However, Caitlin never planned to be a coach. Upon completing her Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University in 2011, she was awarded the Social Impact fellowship by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which supported her to move to India and follow her passion of ending poverty. As a social entrepreneur, Caitlin built 3 organizations which together serve over 5 million people.

Fortunate to be in India, she also devoted her 6 years there to study meditation, tantra, and community healing, gaining over a dozen certifications in the process. Watching her step into her wholeness, Caitlin’s friends started asking for her support to come into deeper alignment with their dreams, both at work in their romantic relationships. It didn’t take long for Caitlin to realize that most modern women were feeling exhausted, alone, and overwhelmed – and that they needed much more than therapy to get to the kind of fulfilling, balanced, joyful lives and relationships they craved.

So In 2016, Caitlin moved back to the US and launched Radiant Wholeness, motivated to provide a holistic, results-focused coaching platform where women could heal, express, and expand into their passion in every area of their lives.

Beyond her work as a coach, Caitlin is a dedicated permaculture gardener, a fierce salsa dancer, and a board member of several anti-poverty organizations.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne’s personal mission is to empower recovering people-pleasers to shine their light brighter in the world. She will help you express your unique gifts, while honoring your intuition and develop the confidence to speak up and live a fully authentic life. You will feel your inner truth glow and expand, and you will ultimately be free of self-sabotage. You will create self-mastery and engage in the activities that bring you the most joy and fulfillment for yourself and those around you.

Mary Anne feels passionately motivated to her work because she has gone through a transformational journey herself. After living a busy life in New Jersey as a graphic designer, she moved across the country to the mountains of Colorado to fulfill her desire to be closer to nature and have a change of pace in her lifestyle. She continued to listen to her soul and started an art business, then ultimately became a mom later in life despite the negativity from healthcare against it. She has come to realize the power of trusting intuition and continues to live with safety and ease knowing she is living a purpose-driven life. With certifications in Holistic Life Coaching, Positive Psychology, Resilience, Wellness, and Recovery Coaching, Mary Anne brings a variety of insightful tools to support her clients. She is driven to help others unveil their inner strength, and re-shift their focus to make those unique goals for life a reality. Her greatest strengths include providing a safe space where her clients can be heard, encouraged, and creatively transformed. 


I am a Divine Living graduate and eager to share the tools that changed my life with fellow big hearted high achievers
Like Caitlin, I have been to the depths of burnout and anxiety. Divine Living provided the tools and supportive community I needed to experience deep and life changing joy, meaning, and presence.

I hold certifications in human change work including hypnosis and NLP, as well as a masters degree in theology. I cannot wait to see the spark re-ignited in you on this Divine Living journey.

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