I used to believe that I was unloveable. 


This meant that I dated guys who couldn’t really love me. They were emotionally unavailable or immature or otherwise “not ready.”


Heck, it even meant I couldn’t watch romantic movies. Because the love I saw there would just remind me how unloveable I was…how I would never have that sweet, sensuous thing I saw on the screen in front of me. And that was too much to bear. 


(Confession: I still haven’t seen The Notebook)


And even when love did come knocking on my door, I found myself going numb. I’d be physically with that person, but emotionally, I was hiding behind the blocks in my heart. 


I never knew that all this pain and anxiety was coming from my own beliefs. 


But once I found out, I felt so powerful. Because I knew I could change those beliefs, and therefore, change my life. 


And change I did. 


It’s amazing how much your beliefs shape your mental health and the way you see the world.


In this week’s vlog, I break down the 5 most common core beliefs that make you feel anxious and how to choose new beliefs that will make you feel amazing.