Just a few weeks ago, I was in a car accident that totally threw my neck out of whack. I was in a toooonn of pain, but a business woman’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, so I rubbed a tub of CBD oil over my neck before meeting with a new client.

His first reaction when I walked in? “You…smell like weed.”

Although CBD oil is not psychoactive (AKA, it won’t get you high!), no one wants to be mistaken for a stoner! But this funny accident actually turned into a nice jumping off point for that session. Why? The man was actually visiting me for help overcoming anxiety, and when I explained what CBD oil is and how it can be used as an alternative treatment for anxiety, he started getting super excited.

In fact, he was soon saying, “Can I have a sample? This sounds like exactly what I need to finally beat my anxiety!”

And I said…no.

“But why, Caitlin,” you’re probably wondering. “Would you keep a client from trying a supplement that you are already using?”

Well, here’s the deal. In my experience, supplements like CBD oil can really help reduce people’s anxiety and trigger deeper, biological healing. In particular, CBD oil targets the brain’s receptors for serotonin, which controls your mood and behavior. Serotonin also influences the release of cortisol, a stress hormone…so even though CBD oil won’t actually get you high, it has been shown to mellow out feelings of anxiety and depression . Plus, CBD oil is anti-inflammatory, and studies have also found that it can reduce pain.

Considering all of those benefits – as well as many others still being explored, from reducing cancer-like symptoms to improving heart health – it’s no surprise that everyone and their Mama is jumping on the CBD oil train.

But here’s the problem. Slathering on a whole container of CBD oil won’t change the underlying beliefs and habits that caused you to start having anxiety in the first place!

My Perspective on Traditional Treatments for Anxiety

As those in my community – and those who have read posts like this one or this one – know very well, I’m not a fan of using traditional medication to treat anxiety or depression. It’s not that I don’t think that pills can transform people’s lives for the better in the short term. It’s that these pills often just numb the pain rather than treating the root of the problem.

Think of anxiety like any other injury; for example, a sprained ankle. If you take medication that makes your pain disappear, sure, maybe you could walk or even run just fine on that sprained ankle. But that doesn’t mean your ankle is fixed or that you aren’t causing further damage by not treating the actual injury.

The same goes with anxiety. If you’re so “numbed” by medication that you don’t pay attention to the symptom of anxiety, you’ll never be motivated to explore the causes of that same anxiety. These can range from eating an unbalanced diet to not living in a way that aligns with your values or goals, etc. And, in the long run, you’ll never be truly happy or truly able control your anxiety without addressing the underlying causes of those yucky emotions.

The Problem of Using CBD Oil For Anxiety or CBD Oil For Depression

So how does all of this relate to CBD oil? Well, CBD oil can create that same “numbed” feeling in people using it to treat anxiety. In my mind, there’s no better illustration of this point than the story of one of my past clients. We’ll call her Mary.

When Mary first came to me, she had recently gained a lot of weight, which triggered a super sudden and painful battle with anxiety and depression. “I’m so disgusting, I can’t even look at my body or leave the house,” she’d repeatedly tell me. “I’m this horrible, ugly person, and I’m so ashamed of the fact that I didn’t take care of my body.”

In fact, Mary’s shame over her appearance got so bad, she even stopped going to work.

And then CBD oil entered the picture.

As soon as Mary added CBD oil to her daily routine, she didn’t immediately transform into Beyonce. However, she did get some of her old groove back. She went back to work. She was able to “function” in her everyday life. You might even look at her and think, “How great! Her anxiety must be better, and she must not be having nearly as many of those harmful thoughts!”

But that thought would actually be super wrong.

Thanks to the CBD oil, Mary could talk to me with a little more clarity and a little less emotion. But Mary still deeply and fundamentally believed that she was a bad person for being overweight. That she wasn’t worthy of love as she looked right now. That she was never going to have a healthy relationship because she couldn’t handle the thought of someone seeing her naked or seeing her cry about her body.

So, sure, CBD oil made Mary seem a little happier, at least on the outside. But it didn’t change her faulty beliefs  that she needed to be thin to be beautiful and wasn’t allowed to make mistakes. Or that she was the only one who ever struggled with this kind of weight gain.

The worst part? Those feelings of shame and regret were going to keep limiting Mary’s life and her potential, even if she didn’t feel as depressed or anxious as she used to.

To CBD or Not to CBD…That’s the Question

On the one hand, I honestly believe that anxiety and depression have a larger meaning or purpose. They can teach you a lot about love, who you need to be, how you need to eat and how you want to live. Depression can even function like road map back to finding true happiness again.

On the other hand, though…I really do like CBD oil. In the case of my neck injury, CBD oil helped reduce some of my physical pain and was a better option than a traditional painkiller. And considering that the CBD oil market is anticipated to become a $2.1 billion industry by 2020, I have a feeling that CBD oil and CBD oil products – ranging from lotions to chocolate to drinks – will only become more common.  

So when do I think CBD oil is the right choice for you? I recommend CBD oil to clients (and use it on myself!) only in two specific circumstances:

  1. If it’s a pull-out-your-hair, can’t-even-breathe level of EMERGENCY.

Personally, I only use CBD oil when I’m hit with emergency-high levels of anxiety. For example, just a week after my car accident, I was driving in really bad traffic. And suddenly I watched the car right in front of me get into an accident. Everyone was honking and the police were coming and I was feeling super overwhelmed, especially since I was heading to an important meeting with a client. In that moment, I didn’t have time to ground or center myself, so putting a little CBD oil under my tongue helped me calm down and center. In that kind of short-term, one-off scenario, I really do think CBD oil is freakin’ ammmazing.

  1. You’re so depressed or anxious, you can’t even think.

The other scenario where I recommend CBD oil is if you’re having really, really, really bad anxiety or depression. In that case, CBD oil, like traditional medicine, can “take the edge off” your symptoms so that you can reach a restful enough state to reflect on the underlying causes of your mental health issues. The most important thing to remember? You can’t take CBD oil for anxiety and think, “Awesome! My thoughts aren’t racing anymore, so  I must be cured!” Instead, you need to look for the deeper psychological or lifestyle misalignments that are causing those racing thoughts in the first place. CBD is a great first step…but not a healthy final step.

Think CBD Oil is Right for You?

Nowadays, many people promote CBD oil as the magic bullet that will solve all of your problems, from beating anxiety without medication to achieving flawless skin. (No joke – skincare products with CBD oil is the latest thang at my local Whole Foods Market!). And I definitely agree that CBD oil can offer some terrific benefits…as long as you use it right.

In fact, CBD oil is one of the top five supplements I suggest to people struggling to control their anxiety or depression. But, there is always one particular brand I suggest: Viva CBD Oil. I’m a partner of theirs, and Viva offers the best CBD oil for anxiety and depression that I’ve ever tried.

Why? With help from local Colorado farmers, Viva CBD Oil creates a CBD extract that is packed with cannabanoids, flavonoids and terpenes (AKA, all the good stuff!) and free of unnecessary plant materials. When this CBD extract is combined with high quality MTC coconut oil, you end up with a CBD oil that is super flavorful, clean and pure.

The coolest part? Just for being my readers and buying through this link, you can get a discount on whatever CBD oil product you decide to try! Just use the code “caitlin” for 15 percent off of your purchase. As with any supplement, quality makes a huge difference in CBD oil’s effectiveness…and Viva CBD Oil’s products have never let me down. Check out their various products and snag yourself a killer discount by clicking here 

What I Hope This Post Teaches You About CBD Oil and Anxiety

If you’ve been struggling to overcome anxiety without medication for years and thought you’d finally found the holy grail in CBD oil, I know this post may not have been exactly what you wanted to hear. However, I also know that you want to feel authentically calm and centered, authentically happy and authentically in love with your life. And, let’s be real. You can’t achieve any of those goals if you’re just “numbing” the pain with traditional medicine or CBD oil!

But if you find yourself facing one of the scenarios I’ve listed above and need extra help breaking free of severe anxiety, CBD oil can be integral to beating anxiety without medication. So reach inside yourself – and, yes, maybe even inside your coat pocket for a little CBD oil – and prepare to be amazed at the inner strength and resilience you find.

And let me tell ya’. Pinpointing the real cause of your anxiety and overcoming it for good feels waaaaay better than any “high” ever could!

Have you ever used or considered using CBD oil for anxiety or depression? Tell me your experience or thoughts in the comments below!