build real confidence

Time for your Confidence Checkup! 

Please score each item below with a number from 1 to 10 based on how true it is for you. Assigning a score of 1 means this statement is not true at all. Assigning a score of 10 means it is completely true.

Do not skip any of the questions.


I know what brings me joy.

I take time every day to intentionally surround myself with people, things, and places that bring me joy.

I live a meaningful and fulfilling life, aligned with my own values and priorities.

I take responsibility for getting what I want and need, rather than waiting for others to offer it to me or do it for me.

I like myself, appreciate my strengths, and accept my imperfections.

I know how to play to my strengths in any situation (rather than try to improve my weaknesses)

I often feel proud of who I am and the unique gifts I bring to the world.

My life is balanced and whole.

I make sure that I live and work in a positive and healthy environment.

In general, I consider myself to be a positive person, and I easily see the good in all situations.

I spend more time thinking about my strengths, achievements, and positive experiences than I spend thinking about my mistakes, faults, and negative experiences.

I laugh every day.

I get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

I know how to listen to my body and I fully trust my intuition.

I regularly make time for relaxing and re-energizing.

I know what food is right for my body, and I honor the dietary protocols that nourish me.

I exercise at least three times a week.

I am financially aware, accountable, and responsible.

I am intimately aware of all the value I bring to the lives of my friends and family.

I am comfortable with the way I look, and I feel gratitude and appreciation for my body.

I feel worthy of making good money.

My daily life and goals are very fulfilling because they are aligned with my core values.

I feel worthy of having an amazing relationship.

I feel worthy of having incredible friendships.

I know how to handle mistakes with ease and grace. 

I don’t let myself get paralyzed by fear; I can feel the doubt without it being debilitating.

Whenever I make a mistake, I look at it as an exciting opportunity to grow and learn.

I know that my inner critic is usually not correct.

I know how to challenge my inner critic and develop positive beliefs about myself and my life.

I know how to “own my shadow;” I can acknowledge my faults/areas of growth without hating myself for them.

I am comfortable delegating and asking for help.

When difficult problems or challenge arrive, I allow myself to feel sad or angry without getting consumed by negativity.

I seek approval from my soul before seeking approval from others.

I regularly take time to socialize with people who are good for me.

I create strong boundaries with people who are not good for me.

I believe that the universe has my back, and intentionally look for everyday miracles.

I pursue my dreams and desires with a balance of fervor and flexibility.

No matter where I go, I feel safe and relaxed just being myself.

I take responsibility for my relationship to my experiences by working with my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

I turn positive experiences into long-term resources. When good things happen, I proactively take time to appreciate, nourish, enrich, and share these experiences.