Divine Living


Exclusively for Big-Hearted 

High-Achievers Ready to 

Rise Above Stress to Lead Joyful, 

Purposeful, and Empowered Lives


What is Divine Living?

It’s a 5-month program focused on cultivating deep connection and trust with your True Self and with the Universal Creative Spirit. It includes 1-on-1 coaching, a powerful curriculum of spiritual and psychological skills and teachings, and a community of people who share the same values, goals, and challenges as you do.

It’s for big-hearted high-achievers currently headed towards burn out or break down, longing to create more joyful and meaningful lives. The goal is to create a divine life from the inside out.

“I have so much more joy in my relationship with myself and my relationship with husband."

Sophia, Toronto

“The best decision I made for myself this year” 

Elise, New York

How Does it Work?

At the beginning of the program, you’ll receive personalized, 1-on-1 coaching to discover the root cause of the challenges you’re facing today. You’ll walk away with profound clarity around why you’re stuck and how to eliminate your inner obstacles to find joy and fulfillment. 

Then you’ll begin the five-month Divine Living program: Caitlin’s signature process to create a divine life from the inside out. Every week, you’ll get a lesson, a practice, and a 2-hour group call with your intimate group of 4 to 5 big-hearted high-achievers.

Over the 5 months, you will have a private text group with your coach and additional 1-on-1 coaching whenever you need it. This makes sure you have complete support, insight, and accountability in your transformation process.

Here’s how it works:

Over the course of five months, our focus is on empowering you to live like a divine being: joyfully, compassionately, and rooted in a fierce love for yourself and your mission.

  • 22 Weekly Meetings in an intimate group setting (we meet every week 3 weeks, then take one week off for integration)
  • 3 personalized, 1-on-1 coaching calls to ensure you have support, top-notch insight, and total clarity whenever you need it
  • Divine Living Curriculum delivered in small digestible videos over 22 weeks, with wisdom teachings and practices to guide your journey to joy
  • Unlimited Email & Text Support – We’ll be available whenever you need extra support or resources to stay on track

“I became an even bigger high-achiever but with much more calm, ease, joy, and trust”

Rachel, New Orleans

“Investing in learning how to live a happier life is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made”

Jenn, Atlanta

“I define joy as a sustained sense of well-being and peace – a connection to what matters…What I know for sure is that you feel real joy in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth.” – Oprah

Imagine how amazing you’d feel if your life was guided by the kind of joy Oprah is describing in the quote above….if you woke up every day feeling connected to your highest self, supported by the Universal Love, and guided by a vision and purpose so powerful that your stresses and worries became irrelevant.

That is Divine Living. And wasn’t it your plan all along? When you were growing up, you had so much fun and so many big dreams of what was possible for your life; of what you could bring to this world; of how you would build a meaningful life and contribute your gifts to make a difference.

But then, somehow, you ended up here: unfulfilled by your day job, feeling like you’ve lost your spark, and trapped by that nagging, existential feeling that you should be doing more, that you’re not contributing in the way you know you’re capable of contributing. And at the same time, you’re so burnt out and stuck in your day-to-day life that you don’t even know what to do to connect with your highest self again.

The good news?

Once you know the way, it’s actually easy for you to return to joy. As big-hearted high-achiever, your feelings of joy and fulfillment are centered around three things:

  • Your level of personal accomplishments
  • Your usefulness or service to others
  • The condition of your personal relationships

That means that in order to feel joyful and fulfilled, you absolutely must have a clear sense of purpose, meaning, and contribution in your daily life…coupled with a sense of achievement and deep connection with your loved ones.

We’re here to show you exactly how to create that, without breaking down or burning out. 

We’ll look at how you lost connection with the True You, and guide you back to center on the most beautiful journey of your life. We’ll define your purpose, undo the limiting beliefs that inhibit your happiness, and create a positive relationship with your thoughts and emotions (one where you run the show).  You’ll become intimate with the forces of this universe that protect and guide you, feel a profound shift in your self-esteem, cultivate your intuition, and develop your capacity to to stay unconditionally connected to peace and joy.

This is about taking off the layers of worry, fear, self-doubt, guilt, and anxiety so your light can shine bright once again. And all with the support of the Divine.

Here’s what’s inside the curriculum:

Module 1: Divine Embodiment

You’ll start this program by meeting the Universal Creative Spirit (a.ka. The Universe, God) in a personal, intimate way through tapping into your hridaya, aka your Spiritual Heart Center. You’ll experience the vibration of alignment with the Source, and you’ll feel connected to your true self once again. Then we’ll define our collective purpose: to be, to give, and to receive divine love. You’ll learn how to embody that purpose each day by cultivating compassion, peace, gratitude, courage and joy towards yourself and your community.

After this module, you will:

  • Have the tools to “talk to the Universe;” establish a personal and intimate relationship with Source
  • Feel loved and supported like never before as you open yourself to receive divine love and healing
  • Understand the mind-body-soul connection and how to feel whole
  • Connect to a deeper sense of purpose than any “goal” could ever give you
  • Develop self-trust and self-esteem as you realize your oneness with the Divine

Module 2: Values-Driven Living

Next you’ll discover your dharma; the special role only you can play as part of our collective purpose as human beings. Unlike your traditional programming (hello achievement brain!), this isn’t about being “better” or “worse” than anyone else. It’s about defining the *unique* essence of who you are: the special blend of desires, values, strengths, and wisdom that only you carry. As you get connected with your True Self, you’ll learn how to live in harmony with your own soul, making inner changes that lead to big positive results in your career, relationships, and life.

After this module, you will:

  • Name and claim your personal mission and unique essence
  • Develop a profound and exciting vision for your life
  • Find your flow: know how to live true to all that matters to you – in your heart and through your actions – without overextending yourself or burning out.
  • Forge a deep connection to your intuition so you can live fearlessly –  feeling your truth and tapping your inner wisdom

Module 3: Shadow Integration

Now you’re ready for the most  transformative part of this program: shadow work. You’ll learn why your shadow is the root cause of your “stuckness,” sadness and self-sabotage. You’ll identify the parts of you that have been repressed, lurking in your unconscious mind, taking up your energy, and creating that frustrating gap between the joyful leader you know you’re capable of being and how you actually behave. You’ll work with divine archetypes to liberate and integrate your shadow, and come to peace with your whole authentic self.

After this module, you will:

  • Experience deep healing, releasing all self-aversion and regret so you can make way for self-love
  • Possess an unshakeable sense of authenticity, integrity, and wholeness
  • Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health by reclaiming the energy that was repressed in your shadow   
  • Be much less triggered by other people and have greater ease in your relationships and communication

Module 4: The Joy Mindset

Now that you’ve built a firm foundation in your soul, it’s time to rewire your mind. You’ll discover maya: the incorrect perceptions that create tension and suffering. You’ll learn powerful mind-body practices to soften the grip of those beliefs, then you’ll claim your power as you learn how to overcome tightly-held stories that create stress and pressure in your life. Once you’ve let go of what’s not serving you, you’ve created space for The Joy Mindset, in which you’ll cultivate beliefs that support your well-being, self-worth, and inner peace.

After this module, you will:

  • Release bitterness about your past and present circumstances, so you can move forward and develop a clear vision
  • Move towards your dreams and vision much faster, no longer weighed down by negativity and fear-based thinking
  • Understand the art and science of building new beliefs so you control your mind (and not the other way around)
  • Experience greater joy and positivity towards yourself, your life, and other people

Module 5: Emotional Mastery

Your next step is to discover shanti: the peace and bliss of a calm mind and an open heart. Working to build self-love and self-reliance, you’ll shift patterns of people-pleasing, perfectionism, guilt and defensiveness. You’ll expand your capacity to deal with discomfort and uncertainty, so you can leap into the unknown and discover massive personal growth. You’ll learn how to be resilient in difficult times, and you’ll practice three spiritual superpowers to perform emotional alchemy and shift into a higher emotional state.

After this module, you will:

  • Reclaim your childlike play and innocence, inviting laughter and carefree joy back into your life
  • Develop the self-care rituals that support you to thrive, relax, and flourish.
  • Lean into the gifts of vulnerability: deep connection, compassion and courage
  • Move past your fears around failure, being judged, disappointing others, and doing it wrong.
  • Grow your courage and emotional resilience so nothing gets in the way of your mission 
  • Feel much less anxiety about the people, money, and projects you’re working on

Module 6: Live Out Loud

Finally, you’ll learn how to embrace your shri: feel safe to shine, be seen, be heard, and take up space. You’ll put a concrete action plan behind your mission and vision, and learn how to inspire and motivate other people to get on board (without feeling the imposter syndrome.) You’ll practice asking for help, promoting your creative ideas and desires, and finding a personal mode of expression that fits your authentic self. You’ll create boundaries that help you stay centered in True You, and you’ll learn how to handle conflict with grace by feeling beneath the words and taking the conversation and connection deeper.

After this module, you will:

  • Be in alignment with your Source, your Highest Self, and your Vision
  • Possess a clear list of purposeful commitments that feels expansive, exciting, and doable (not constricting and overwhelming).
  • Feel confident in your communication and empowered in your conversations at work and at home, grounded in True You
  • Have the ability to receive praise without deflection, gifts without obligation, and feedback without shame
  • Employ your empathy and creativity to make the world a better place; locking into the feeling of creative contribution your soul has always longed for

Sound like the soul-centered transformation you’re craving?


“I’m not a victim, I have choice, I have agency and I can be a co-creator of my life"

Claire, Midwest

“Things manifest. I never turned in that resume anywhere, it manifest in my life and the timing of it was perfect"

Andrea, Canada

“I have motivation to be my best self no matter what that is"

Melissa, New York

“My mental state has changed to an extent greater than I ever thought possible”

Amanda, Orlando

Jason,New York

“I finally feel like I’m making the most of my life."
Four months after I started working with Caitlin, I finally feel like I’m making the most of my life. I launch into every day with a sense of purpose. I have a long-term vision that gives me the courage and motivation to overcome my daily struggles. I feel deeply connected to the people around me for the first time in years. I find myself smiling and laughing throughout the day, for no reason other than the joy of being alive. I’ve gone off all of my depression medication, and I just feel so much more alive. Caitlin truly is a sage of spiritual transformation.

“Caitlin says it best: ‘when you live and love from your soul, the life you’re longing for comes to you.” 
When I started working with Caitlin, I felt so stuck - stuck at work, stuck moving forward with my dreams, stuck in fighting with my husband. I was exhausted and drinking more than I should, just to relieve my stress. Short of winning the lottery, I didn’t see a way out. But within six weeks of her Divine Living program, I felt a million times better. I brought a sense of purpose back to my career. I fixed my sleep cycle. I broke through the frustrating issues I was having with my husband and I feel like we’ve become true partners once again. Caitlin says it best: when you live and love from your soul, the life you’re longing for comes to you.



“After twelve weeks, I was able to sync up with my mind, body, and soul, reconnect to my ability to breathe deeply and feel joy.”
Before working with Caitlin, I felt lost, out of control, uneasy, anxious, unable to enjoy the moment, and overwrought in destructive thought patterns. Caitlin provided me with worldly perspectives, personal anecdotes, cultural narratives, strengthening mantras, and scientifically proven techniques to ease me out of my discomfort. I never thought I would be able to enter that frame of consciousness where I can heal myself and silence my mind but after twelve weeks, I was able to sync up with my mind, body, and soul, reconnect to my ability to breathe deeply and feel joy. I now have confidence in my own mental strength and a knowingness that I will be okay no matter what. I love and accept all aspects of who I am and whatever thoughts come into play. I am able to move through my day without resistance and whenever difficulties arise, which they always will, I feel more equipped to handle the lows. I recommend her services unconditionally. 

“My relationship to money, play, meditation, sexuality, spirituality, and vulnerability have all improved abundantly.”
Before I met Caitlin, I was in a very dark place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was considering giving up and I was scared to get help; to open up to someone and be judged or vulnerable. I was blessed to learn about Caitlin through what I can only suppose was divine intervention. Caitlin provided compassionate, empathetic, and thoughtful guidance that yielded results: I'm happier in my relationship with myself and have learned to practice the self-love and compassion I sorely needed. I experience more love flow in my relationship with my significant other. I started and succeeded at my first entrepreneurial venture. My relationship to money, play, meditation, sexuality, spirituality, and vulnerability have all improved abundantly. I find myself seeing more clearly, and feeling more inner power after every session. Caitlin helped save my life, and taught me to enjoy it again.

Mark,New York


“Yes, this program requires you to invest solid time and money, but trust me, you will get back what you put in and so much more!”
When I was first thinking about signing up for Divine Living, I was concerned about the expense of the program and about making such a big decision from a place of pure impulse based on a very limited set of interactions with Caitlin. But I’m writing this testimonial to express how happy I am that I followed that impulse. This program helped me deal with major long-standing issues in my life more effectively anything I tried before. It empowered me to address myself more kindly, embrace my uniqueness, and accept aspects of myself that I had been trying to bury. Moreover, while going through this program, several concrete goals were realized. I learned how to sit lovingly with my emotions and understand the deeper messages they were trying to tell me. I created deep connections with new like-minded people and I created more authentic and equal relationships with the friends and family I already had. I learned how to communicate effectively at work so that I could set boundaries and lead better. Most importantly, I learned how to love myself, take care of myself, and create joy. So yes, this program requires you to invest solid time and money, but trust me, you will get back what you put in and so much more!

“The spiritual tools she teaches have inspired me to prioritize what is important in my life and live in congruence with my values and passions.”
Working with Caitlin has been life-changing. What I enjoy most is how versatile and effective her coaching can be, offering sound solutions in everything from finding personal clarity to designing a meaningful career to creating strong relationships. She has not only been an amazing coach, but the spiritual tools she teaches have inspired me to prioritize what is important in my life and live in congruence with my values and passions. I highly recommend Caitlin if you’re looking for a highly-skilled, intuitive, and seriously inspiring coach!

Jamilla,New Jersey

Who is it For?

Divine Living is for big-hearted high-achievers who are ready to lead joyful, purposeful, and empowered lives.

This program is for you if…

  • You’re ready to reconnect with the joy, playfulness, and passion you had when you were younger because you don’t want to waste time on stress, drama, and self-doubt any longer
  • You’re longing for a life connected to your values and dreams because you’re frustrated and unfulfilled in your current career
  • You want to contribute so much more to the world, but can’t see a way to overcome the stresses of your daily life.
  • You crave a deeper spiritual connection and inner peace, but aren’t sure how to cultivate it
  • Because you’re not fulfilling your own dreams, you’re often feeling bad about yourself, battling your inner critic, and struggling with feelings of guilt and stories of “not being enough.”
  • You feel worried about how other people will judge you, and therefore, you struggle to live courageously and authentically
  • You’re willing to take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and actions so you can create the divine life your soul is craving.

When Does it Start?

Divine Living seats are available a few times a year when spots open up. The program is by invitation only and Caitlin screens each applicant personally to ensure the right fit.

Apply for a seat in Divine Living by booking a call with our team of joy expert coaches to explore if this program is right for you.

Divine Living is Perfect for You If…

  • You’re a big-hearted high-achiever currently en route to burnout or breakdown
  • You long to connect with a sense of creative contribution and meaning…way without adding to your overwhelm in any way
  • You are spiritually “inclined,” but not dogmatic, and longing for a more intimate relationship with the Divine
  • You are proud to invest in your own well-being, and see how this benefits everyone in your world
  • You feel called to do deep inner work to change the beliefs & behaviors that stop you from living from joy and making your unique mark on the world
  • You have a solid moral compass and are committed to making the world a better place to live for all of us
  • You are ready for profound transformation NOW

The Cost of Inaction

Every day, we’re presented with choices, some of which can be completely life-changing. Signing up for Divine Living is one of those choices: i’s a leap out of your head and into your soul, out of your old ways and into alignment with your highest self.

But when we have a big decision to make, we often get scared in the face of uncertainty. We decide to stick with what we know and just keep “getting by.” It’s human nature. Our comfort zone is a safe place – even though it causes us so much stress and frustration.

But don’t you want to know what is on the other side of that fear? After so many years of working so hard, don’t you owe it to yourself to refuel your tank and reconnect with your True You? Can you put a cost on your joy, on your fulfillment? Can you measure the price value of living a life you love, connected deeply to your Source?

What could your life look like in 6 months if you make this commitment towards your highest self?

 Feeling called to create a divine life from the inside out? 

Let us guide your journey and unlock the joy inside your soul ❤️ 

Meet Caitlin

As a world-renowned life coach and the author of the popular self-help book The Path to Positivity, Caitlin has helped thousands of high-achieving women build the life, relationships, and career their soul is longing for.

She specializes in supporting impact-driven leaders who crave more love, joy and intimacy, activating their inner feminine powers of softness, self-love, and spirituality so they can become more fulfilled and expand their connection and contribution at work + home.

Meet Dominique

I am a Divine Living graduate and eager to share the tools that changed my life with fellow big hearted high achievers

Like Caitlin, I have been to the depths of burnout and anxiety. Divine Living provided the tools and supportive community I needed to experience deep and life changing joy, meaning, and presence.

I hold certifications in human change work including hypnosis and NLP, as well as a masters degree in theology. I cannot wait to see the spark re-ignited in you on this Divine Living journey.

Meet Mary Anne

Mary Anne’s personal mission is to empower recovering people-pleasers to shine their light brighter in

the world. She will help you express your unique gifts, while honoring your intuition and develop the

confidence to speak up and live a fully authentic life.

You will feel your inner truth glow and expand, and you will ultimately be free of self-sabotage. You will

create self-mastery and engage in the activities that bring you the most joy and fulfillment for yourself

and those around you.

Mary Anne feels passionately motivated to her work because she has gone through a transformational

journey herself. After living a busy life in New Jersey as a graphic designer, she moved across the country

to the mountains of Colorado to fulfill her desire to be closer to nature and have a change of pace in her

lifestyle. She continued to listen to her soul and started an art business, then ultimately became a mom

later in life despite the negativity from healthcare against it. She has come to realize the power of

trusting intuition and continues to live with safety and ease knowing she is living a purpose-driven life.

With certifications in Holistic Life Coaching, Positive Psychology, Resilience, Wellness, and Recovery

Coaching, Mary Anne brings a variety of insightful tools to support her clients. She is driven to help

others unveil their inner strength, and re-shift their focus to make those unique goals for life a reality.

Her greatest strengths include providing a safe space where her clients can be heard, encouraged, and

creatively transformed.

Unlock your Highest Self today..We can’t wait to have you