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From Fear to Freedom: The 5-Step Approach to Let Your Fear Lead You To Your Best Life

I want to show you how to silence unwanted, intrusive thoughts and redirect that energy to self-love and aligned living that feels amazing.

You should not live in fear of your own brain and body. Let’s free your mind and create a life of joy and freedom.

My love, you’re here! Yay!

Chances are we haven’t met yet so allow me to introduce myself briefly.


I’m Caitlin, a Holistic Life Coach to compassionate and creative humans who are sick of battling mental health issues (and feeling like they’ve tried it all).


I’ve got a Masters from Columbia University, and I’m an ex-therapist, a certified yoga teacher, a meditation instructor, a nutrition counselor, and published author.

But none of that really matters because that’s just what I am, not who I am.


Here’s the real deal: Despite all of that, I used to be an over-anxious, depressed, under-confident woman, hiding behind a lot of masks, makeup, and medication.


I was outwardly “successful” but inwardly miserable; and I was always looking for the magic bullet solution to “fix myself,” which was an exhausting and endless experience.

So instead, I committed to a new path: L-O-V-E.


Not just the “woo woo” stuff, but the hard, practical tools and skills that allow me to treat myself with respect, stand by my deepest values, and process difficult feelings with integrity. Walking this path wasn’t easy in the beginning, but it led me to the most gorgeous destination: these days, I’m wildly fulfilled, abundantly energetic, and totally ready for anything life throws at me.


Today, my clients call me “the alchemist,” because I’m a badass at transforming all their negative thoughts into abundant self-love and inspiration.

Here’s what I know after being debilitated by anxiety for over 15 years:

  • That those negative thoughts are here to lead you to your best life. Underneath all the cruddy feelings and overwhelm, there are hidden messages about what you truly desire and how to live a life you love
  • That anxiety takes a holistic approach to keeping you small – impacting your health, your relationships, and your career… And it takes an equally holistic approach to show it the door for good
  • That really cool marketing director job, that special someone who loves yoga and deep conversation as much as you do, that feeling of inner peace no matter what your mom says about your weight…it’s all yours for the taking, as soon as you learn how to manage your thoughts and your energy
  • That once you start listening to your gut (literally!) and showing up for yourself to design a life that's aligned with self-love, you can get rid of all those all those cruddy emotions you’re so tired of battling right now


(Yes,  self-love. For 15 years, I needed prescriptions to quiet my inner critic and keep my fear to a dull roar. If I do it, so can you.)

My dream for you:

  • To never again feel like you “can’t handle something” because you’re too anxious. (Seriously, you’ve got this, love!)
  • To trust in yourself and know with 100% certainty that you are creating a beautiful, balanced, and fulfilling life
  • To feel the power of living in alignment with self-love – from finally pursuing that creative passion for jewelry making to consistently getting rock solid sleep 🙂

And I want to show you how to make that dream come true.

I’m hosting a web training on how to go FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM. In it, I’ll be taking you through the holistic 5-step approach to let anxiety lead you to your best life, including:

  • How to find the misalignments in your life that keep turning your mind upside down and use them to realign your mind, body and soul with self-love
  • How to use self-kindness and compassion to come back to center (when what you really want to do is hide under your sofa)
  •  My top dietary hacks to fuel your body’s natural pharmacy and create healing
  • How to get back in control when you’re freaking out using my favorite mindfulness trick
  • How to ditch the toxic people-pleasing that keeps you “hiding" and “playing nice"… So you can show up openly and authentically as the amazing person you are


…And so much more!

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