Fresh Start Autumn Workshop Point

An autumn detox workshop caitlin margaret

September 20 | 7 p.m.–9 p.m. | Point Lookout, N.Y | $85


Get ready to purify your body, mind and spirit in a whole new way…

  • Practice powerful yoga and breath work techniques that cleanse your body and mind from the inside out
  • Pull toxins from your system and replenish the blood, organs, and tissues
  • Learn how to make my secret elixirs that enhance your metabolism, support weight loss and give you lots of energy

This 2-hour workshop is carefully designed to cleanse your body and mind from the inside out.

Using unique yogic practices, we will twist, rinse and pump through the abdominal organs, flushing them with fresh blood to keep them healthy and effective!

You’ll learn how to use food and herbs to cleanse the body, and several easy 3-minute detox practices you can do any time, any where. 

By the end of the Fresh Start Workshop, you’ll shed away layers of physical and emotional toxins, leaving you feeling energized, balanced, and light!

Bonus: You’ll also get my 7-day detox meal plan, so you can stay healthy and vital through the holiday season!

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