Heal Anxiety Naturally

heal anxiety naturally

January 5 | 2 – 6 p.m. | Brooklyn, N.Y | $150

Heal anxiety naturally

In this powerful workshop, you’ll learn:

    • The #1 tool for naturally healing anxiety
    • The anti-anxiety diet and lifestyle
    • How to handle an anxiety attack (and release anxious triggers forever)
    • The 3-step process for permanently creating a more resilient, positive, and healthy mindset
    • The science of unanxious relationships: how to build healing friendships and & create boundaries with toxic people

This super practical workshop teaches you the most cutting-edge tools in psychology, nutrition, mindfulness, herbalism and lifestyle design – empowering you with an all-natural, comprehensive path to releasing stress and healing anxiety.

You’ll practice concrete strategies to transform your negative thoughts, make your own healing remedies, and develop the critical lifestyle habits to that will soothe your racing mind.

BonusThe 30 Day Anti-Anxiety Meal Plan: The 30 Day Anti-Anxiety Meal Plan is truly the easiest way to cook anxiety-freeing food. In it, you’ll find insanely delicious recipes for a month’s worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner that will dramatically improve your health and mood.

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