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Hello, everyone, today is a very exciting live for me today because it’s day before my birthday and so tonight and tomorrow are filled with all of these really exciting activities that feel really good and really healthy and really healing and really joyful to me. Um, and so I just feel, um, really, really uplifted and excited to share with you guys today. And so I am going to be sharing on, um, on the joy of healing anxiety and the joy of healing from kind of any emotional distress that you might be feeling. Because I get a lot of people,

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come into my office and they, you know, the minute they get in, they start to cry. Like literally before they’ve said anything before we know one another. They come in and they just start crying and they, you know, clearly have been holding it in for a long time, clearly haven’t been able to feel their feelings. Hey Halita, thanks for joining. So, so glad to see you here. Um, everybody else also say hello as you’re joining. Um, and so, you know, they come in and they sit down and they just cry and you can tell that they’ve been holding in tears for a very long time. And then immediately they start saying, sorry like, sorry, sorry. Every they’re apologizing for crying. They’re apologizing for feeling bad, feeling like sad. And a big part of that is that they feel like if they’re crying, they’re never going to stop.

Caitlin: (01:49)
If they fully submit to and surrender to these tiers, then they’re just always going to be in thisvery sad, vulnerable in this just like terrible emotional place. And I get that fear because sometimes sadness and anxiety and uh, can be really overwhelming. Uh, hey, Megan good to see you too. And so these things can be really, really overwhelming. And so we get scared of healing because we know that there’s going to be a little bit of crying or maybe a little bit of screaming or maybe a little bit of just having to face parts of ourselves that we don’t like, right? Like the one that will eat healthy or the one that continues to self sabotage and all of these ways that are causing us pain. And we don’t want to have to deal with that face that, think about that, talk to that side of ourselves, feel the emotions associated with it.

Caitlin: (02:50)
And so we don’t, we, we avoid healing. Um, and we write it off and we say that that healing is the painful part, right? Oh, it’s like going in and having to feel all my feelings and all that kind of stuff. That’s the painful part. But in fact, it’s your resistance to healing. It’s your resistance to feeling and seeing all of that experience and the things that continue to bring you to a negative place that actually are causing the pain. It’s just the resistance to it. Right? Um, if we had a culture that celebrated crying, if we had a culture that celebrated basically any other emotion than positivity and joy, you wouldn’t mind expressing it. You wouldn’t be scared of feeling it because you wouldn’t be worried. You’d be a burden to other people or you wouldn’t be able to go to work or whatever, right?

Caitlin: (03:45)
You just be able to feel your feelings. So when you’re choosing to heal, it can actually be the most joyous experience of your life. And that can be the case only if you, hey, Megan. Um, and many hello. Hello. Good to see you guys here. That can be the case only if you choose to truly connect to yourself and every part of your life. Here’s what I mean by that. So if you want to heal anxiety or any other mental health condition holistically, you really have to focus on all areas of your life and where you’re disconnected from them and get to know them more. So that starts with self awareness and self knowledge and self love, right? So the first question to ask yourself, if you’re anxious or depressed, is to come and and say, who am I? What do I stand for? What are my values?

Caitlin: (04:46)
What are my unique strengths? What are the things that I love that I would die for, right? And right now today, how connected am I to those things? They can be things that can be people, that can be flavors, they can be places, right? But really knowing who you are, just just who you were born as. It’s not something hard to figure out, right? The same things you know, that light you up as a kid often still light you up now. Right? The same things that you are naturally drawn to are good at it as a kid are the same thing that light you up now, connect to those things, connect to the things that are the truth of you. Right? And then, um, thank you Halita you’re so sweet. Um, and I love you listening to me, so I appreciate that feedback. Um, so then you have to think about, okay, cool, well I feel better, right?

Caitlin: (05:39)
Like that part of healing, getting to know myself better, I’m getting the honor, my values was deeply healing and it felt joyous at the same time, right? And then you go to the next step, you say, okay, well what about my body? A lot of us are, you know, malnutritioned in certain kinds of ways, or we overeat and certain kinds of ways, or we just have too much processed food or too much toxins. And you know, I have an entire course taking you through all of the different variables in your body that often make you feel more anxious. Like you’re like hormones out of whack and, um, inflammation and all these different kinds of things. I mean, yes, you can get deeply into the science of it and go on that clinical level and, and I enjoy that, but, but also you can start by just connecting to your body really.

Caitlin: (06:32)
Like when you start feeling pain in your heart, hold it, connect to it, feel it. When you start feeling pain in your belly, hold it, feel it, ask it, ask it. Be So daring as to ask your body, what’s hurting? Why is this happening? What’s going on? Right? And then every time you eat, every time you put anything in your body, or even anytime you dance or move or do anything that involves the body, ask your body how it likes that, right? And imagine being so respectful to your body, right? Every time you go into a new place with new people, check in with your body, how are you enjoying these people? How are you enjoying this space? Right? And again, that’s a beautiful process that’s connecting to your body so you can learn what foods, what people, what place work the best for it.

Caitlin: (07:25)
And it’s also an incredibly joyful process cause it’s like, hey, you know, I love this food. Great. I get to eat more of it. It makes me feel happy. I get to eat more of it, more of it. Oh, this food makes me feel tired and sad and angry. Okay, cool. Well, I feel so empowered and so happy and so joyful that I now know what not to put in my body. Right? So, so healing is joyful. And so it’s similarly, as you move out, you’ve worked on yourself, the core of who you are, and then you work with your body and then you work with your, your tribe, your people, right? Who are my people, right? And I deeply connected to them. Do they know really who I am? Do I know really who they are? Do I know the quality and state of their heart right now?

Caitlin: (08:12)
Do I know the quality and state of their soul so I know what they’re longing for? Have I shared what I’m longing for? Right? And again, those deep connections are quite literally what we live for. We live for deeper connected relationships. So imagine putting yourself out there more fully, more vulnerably. Imagine doing the same with other people, right? There’s a little bit of discomfort, of course, cause it’s a new pattern or a new habit, but the moment you do it, it’s joy, joy, joy, joy right? Healing and bringing in people into your healing journey is joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, even getting a coach, right? It’s joy. Like to be heard, to be fully seen, to be whatever kind of help you require, right? Maybe it’s a therapist, maybe it’s a coach, maybe psychologist, whatever. You know, it’s joy to be fully held, to be fully seen.

Caitlin: (09:11)
It’s not, I have to go to the doctor. I’m bad. Something’s wrong with me. Wow. I get to go be supported, right? And so again, it’s about connecting to your tribe and your community. It’s joyous. Healing is joyous, and then you expand out even more. And you look at your, your career, your calling, your purpose, whatever you want to call it, right? Your mission and are you connected to that? Are you connected to why you are here on this planet? Do you have a clue? And even if you don’t, how do you understand it right now? Right? What is the best understanding you have right now in this moment of your current purpose? Connect to that. Do that, live that, be that right? If you do those things, if you connect to those things, you will feel much less anxious because you will feel in flow and in sync with, with deep meaning.

Caitlin: (10:09)
And purpose. Right? And I could go on and on. I connect to mother earth. Oh my gosh. Your mother’s sucks, your aunt’s sucks, your employer sucks. Your boss sucks your best friend sucks. That’s right. Now your partner sucks. That’s okay. There are so many things and people out there right now waiting to love you. Mother Earth is literally waiting to love you. For me, it’s the moment I walk into a forest. I literally feel loved. Maybe for you, it’s the moment you close your eyes on the beach. Connect, feel it ground into it. There’s so many studies that said literally putting our feet in the ground for 20 minutes, just 20 minutes does more than any antidepressant or antianxiety medication ever could. So it’s again, it’s about connecting. Go and connect to who you are, what your body is, what your soul is. Connect to your tribe, connect to your purpose, connect to your career to connect to your land, and you can not feel anxious.

Caitlin: (11:08)
And more importantly, that journey of connection is joyous and uplifting and empowering. It’s not about figuring out what’s wrong with you. It’s not about fixing you. It’s not about, you know, the, you know, focusing on the brokenness. You’ve done that enough and it hasn’t healed your anxiety. Right? So what does and will heal all things, all mental health issues, but especially anxiety is when you choose to connect. And guess what? That gets to be super joyful. So yeah, this was in the wake of my birthday. I just am feeling so joyfully connected to my life, to you guys, my tribe, and to the incredible world that we live in. And I just wanted to share that. That’s my offering from my heart. I hope that that resonated with many of you and thank you. Yeah, exactly. Go and get grounded? It is time. Exactly. Just round into you connect. That’s the answer. It’s all here. All right, my love. So yeah, sending love to you guys. Wish me happy birthday. And I hope to see you guys very, very soon. Shoot me a comment if this resonated or send me a message and let me know what you want me to talk about next week. Lots of love. Bye.

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