As you get older, grow, and transform, you need to cultivate new friendships with people who align with and support the person you are becoming.

But it can be challenging to build new friendships later on in life. You’re not in college anymore, where people are actively seeking new connections – so the game has changed.

Personally, though, I just don’t feel fulfilled on a daily basis without deep friendships. I treasure authentic, heart-centered connections with people who share my values and passions, and it is one of the greatest sources of joy in my life.

That’s why I’ve worked hard to master the art of nurturing new relationships as an adult.

And I’m proud to share with you that even though I’m an introvert…and even though I moved to North Carolina just 4 months ago…and even though we’re in the midst of a socially isolating pandemic…

…I’ve already built an amazing community of new friends here. People with whom I share deep conversation, authentic connection, and a whole lot of fun, play and adventure.

And in this week’s video, I share with you exactly how I did it. Specifically, I’m giving you my five foolproof strategies to build deep friendships with new, amazing people no matter what phase of life you’re in or what kind of personality you have.