Growing up I believed that fitting in was belonging. Perhaps you did too? Or maybe you still do?

I wanted so much to be liked that I actually hid parts of the real me from others.

I was afraid to speak up or share my opinions. I went along with what others wanted to do, even if it made me uncomfortable.

But even in my effort to fit in, I still felt like an outsider. I felt anxious and unloveable all the time — and like I was never enough.

Eventually, I decided to seek a more authentic experience of belonging. One in which I could be my real self, but also feel the support of a collective.

Once I found my people, my life became so much more joyful and fulfilling. For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by people who loved all sides of me – my passions, my fears, my dreams, my wild, and my weird.

I could show up as I was, without having to figure out how to earn people’s love. My anxiety went away and my inner critic faded to the background as I experienced the safety and connection of authentic community.

But if I’m being honest, it took me three years to figure out how to find my people and create community. I didn’t have a mentor showing me the way, so it was a long and arduous journey.

It doesn’t have to take that long for you though. You can stand on my shoulders and learn from me. In fact, using the process I’m sharing with you in this week’s YouTube episode, my clients usually take just 2-3 months to build their tribe from the ground up.

This is a big topic, so I’ve divided it into a two-part video series for you. It’s important that you start taking action today, though, so head over now and watch part 1 of “How to Find Your People And Create Community.”