I see you.

I see your light-filled soul.

I see you doing everything you possibly can to make this world a better place.

I see you sacrificing yourself.

I see you bending over backward for those around you.

I see you saying yes to every request, and I see you jumping ahead to meet needs before it is even requested of you.

I see you loving so deeply it hurts. I see you observing the pain in this world and wanting so desperately to make it go away.

I see you trying to balance out the unimaginable selfishness of some people, by being ever more selfless.

I see you trying to take up less space, less resources, have less needs – so that you can give more, share more, pour more from your cup.

And even though I know that your heart is truly and deeply in the right place – you have to stop doing all of that stuff. You have to stop overgiving.

It is exhausting you – and you know it. It is draining you, making you resentful, tired, weak, fragile, judgemental, critical, and simply not the person you want to be.

Overgiving is not serving you – and it’s not serving the world, either.

And yet, in my experience working with hundreds of doctors, teachers, activists, mothers, social workers, and other big-hearted humans, I’ve learned that it’s not possible to just quit overgiving cold turkey. Because there’s a part of you that is addicted to the self-sacrifice and overgiving.

So before you can stop overgiving and create more balance in your relationships and work, you have to do some pretty deep inner work and get to the root cause of your overgiving. And that’s why I made this week’s episode.

In it, I walk you through the 5 steps I used to stop overgiving and start receiving more from my relationships and work. Make sure you bring a journal to this episode because I’m going to ask you to do some pretty deep self-awareness work here.