Can I let you in on something?

I feel fear and self-doubt about my work and life every single day. 

Even though I’m very successful and get amazing results for my clients…even though I’m a published author of a book on positive thinking…and even though and I’ve been doing personal development work for over 15 years…

STILL. I still feel fear and self-doubt in my life and work.

And it used to be even worse. When I graduated from Columbia and turned down high-paying offers in NYC to start a social business in India  — I was terrified of being judged by others.

When I went off all my mental health, medication and committed to a more holistic healing journey, I had self-doubt up the wazoo, especially when it came to talking about my work with family and friends who believed very deeply in the conventional psychological wisdom.

I’ve realized along the way that when you forge your path and step outside of the norm, you will be judged by others. And often, that judgment can feel harsh.

And what’s even harsher judgment than that? 

  • All the fear and social anxiety that comes along with feeling like you don’t belong and you’re not good enough.
  • Your mind is constantly racing, worrying about what people are thinking about you, and whether or not people approve of you. 

It’s a living hell, honestly. 

But it is possible to overcome all this worrying. These days, when my mind wanders into that place, I know how to snap out of it quickly and move forward with the things that bring me joy and fulfillment.

And now I’m going to help you do the same. In this week’s YouTube Episode, I’m giving you 3 powerful mindset hacks to overcome your fear of being judged. 

I’ll be getting pretty personal too… Sharing the specific fears of being judged that I wrestle with these days, and what I do to put those fears in check.