As a big-hearted high achiever, you value personal development, emotional fitness and psychological strength. But when you’re failing to reach your goals, it’s tough to maintain motivation and a positive mindset. 

I know this feeling very well: When I wasn’t winning at life, I used to get caught up in negative mindsets, like…

  • Self-doubt (“What am I doing wrong here?!?!”)
  • Overwhelm (“How am I going to get through one more day of this?!)
  • Worry (“People will think something is wrong with me if I can’t fix this problem!”)

But through rigorous spiritual development and personal growth, I learned how to embrace disappointment and feel good no matter what was happening in my life or to my goals. And this was such a huge breakthrough for me that I wanted to share how you can do this, too. 

Because let’s face it, COVID-19 has proven that we can’t control the world around us.  But we can’t become victims! We must rise above. 

You don’t want to be emotionally smacked around by every damn wave, you want to joyously surf the tide no matter what the weather is like outside. 

But how?! In a world where we’ve been taught that our happiness is completely dependent on how perfect our life is going, how can you break free and establish a strong inner joy that can flourish no matter what’s happening with your goals and dreams?

In this episode I’m going to give you the 3 steps I use to embrace failure and stay in a positive, joyous headspace in the face of disappointment. You’ll get inspiration and spiritual tips so that you can get back on track and feel good again.