Hey, everyone on Facebook. Happy Friday. Back again. And this week, we’re going to be talking about something that I’m dealing with in terms of my business and my life. Some fear that may come up in my body and how I’m working with it because I think that a lot of the strategies I’m using are going to be really helpful and powerful to you. So say hello if you’re here.

Everybody else who’s watching, comment below if you resonate with what I’m talking about and if you have questions about your own fears and challenges.

So let me start by telling you what happened last week that made me decide to make some pretty big changes in my business. There’s two things. So the first one is that I have felt a calling for a long time deep inside my heart.

So I felt a longing for a while in my heart for a sense of community. Now I had some great one on one relationships. Many great one on one relationships but it feels like they’re all over the place and in many different directions. And sometimes that’s wonderful and exactly what I need, and those relationships are all incredibly deep and profound and real and authentic. But I don’t really have as much of a space to say, “Yeah, here I can go and I just belong here.” There’s a huge community, a sense of this is my people in general. This is my space. And I felt a longing to create that in my life. So that’s been there, and I’ve just always had questions and self doubt around, “Well, I’m an introvert. How do I go and like meet all these people at once? I know how to connect deep, but I’m not good at small talk. So maybe I can’t do these larger gathering things.” I’ve had a lot of limiting stories and beliefs around that. So I’ve stopped myself from honoring my heart’s journey there.

So that’s always been there or that’s been growing inside of me and I’ve been feeling that longing and not really sure how to act on it or what to do with it. So that’s number one. Number two is that I did a session with a human design coach last week. If anybody here doesn’t know what human design is, you should really check it out. It’s an incredible, emerging field around your unique strengths, personality traits, consciously and unconsciously based on where and when you were born. It’s incredibly powerful and incredibly accurate. I can recommend a coach if you have a question, so you can let me know or send me a message if you have a question about that.

But one of the things that this coach told me was that within my body there’s this my three kind of prophet centers she calls them, which are basically just the ways that I naturally show up in the world. I’m naturally gifted. I’m naturally… Those are my natural strengths, and if I play to those, then I will naturally earn lots of money from them. And so she told me three things. She told me, number one, crisis intervention. And that’s check, check, check. I’m already doing that. I work with people who are really struggling in their lives feel like they’re at the brink of a crisis and really help them move out of that. So check, I’m doing that.

Then she mentioned number two is conflict resolution. Also, check, check, check. Do that all the time. I help bring together different cultures, different view points from all over the world, different kinds of spirituality, different… All these kinds of things, and I help couples love each other better. So check, check, check. But the third thing that she said is my most powerful gift and offering to the world is my spiritual guidance. So she asked me, “I see on your website you don’t have really anything about spirituality or god or goddess or any of that kind of stuff. You don’t have that at all. What is that? Do you even have a spiritual practice? Why am I seeing this?” And so I responded immediately, like, “Yeah. I have a…”

Hey, guys. Thanks for joining and thanks for commenting. Keep saying hello, I’m going to come and say hello to all of you personally when I’m done with my little rant here. But keep waving, I love it.

So she asked me, “Do you do any spiritual coaching or spiritual advisory work in any area of your life?” And I basically said, “No. I don’t really do a lot of spiritual coaching or any spiritual coaching. I don’t really talk about goddess or any of that kind of stuff.” And that’s because even though spirituality for me is probably the number one support I have in life for my own kind of mental and physical well being, my ability to trust myself, et cetera. And the moments where I feel most worthy, most connected, most a sense of belonging are when I’m deeply connected with my spiritual practice. But I have never shared my spiritual practice or spiritual guidance or any of that. I’ve always really stopped myself on that because I felt like…

Hey you, Seth.

I’ve always felt like who am I to be an ambassador of something divine. Just who am I? And my faith is very polyamorous. Meaning I was raised Catholic and I took with me from that journey some really beautiful things about Jesus’s message and Christianity. However, I never identified with the Christian and Catholic traditions. And large part because I am not there. The female avatars in Christianity and Catholicism are for the most part not strong women. They are mothers. They are lovers. They are nurturers, but they are not leaders. And I’m a freaking leader. So I never identified fully with the teachings around women in the church.

So then when I lived in India and I had Hinduism and Buddhism as my spiritual practice or my learning around those different practices… I have a lot of friends who practice Kabbalah, which comes from the Jewish tradition or the Jewish mystical tradition. So I’ve incorporated all these different things and really just come to a deep felt sense of who is goddess in my life and what is spirit in my life. And I literally never share it with anyone. I don’t coach around it. I just don’t give techniques about it, even though it means the world to me.

So this coach who was giving me this session was asking me… She was saying, “Why do you deprive people of the thing that actually helps you the most? Not to mention, by the way, your human design says that this is actually your prophet center. You being true to the message of spirituality that you experience is actually where you’ll make the most money because that happens to be of great service to the world.” And so I got off that call scared to death because I was like, “Oh, shoot. Who am I to…” Just who am I? I can understand. I can teach people about diet. I changed my diet, easy. I can teach people about mindset. I changed my mindset, easy. I can teach people about all of these practices of love and self compassion, how to work with your thoughts, and all these kind of stuff because that feels in my wheelhouse, in my lived experience, in my body. Mine. Who I am to represent spirit?

So I felt scared. Very scared. And then when I was meditating later that day, I had this insight come to me that said, “Hey. What if you could create a group of women who came together to talk about spirituality in a real heart-centered way, really feminine way that is aligned with you?” So I had this idea for this thing called The Heart Awakening Alliance. So it hit these two needs that I’ve been having inside of me, right? One was the sense of community. One is the sense of bringing my spirit practice into the world. It just felt right and it just felt good, and it also felt like still scary, all the thoughts racing. Like who am I? I don’t deserve this. I’m not good enough. What if I screw it up? These are my trusted clients and community and tribe. Maybe they’ll lose trust for me. What am I going to do?

So I almost didn’t act on that impulse, but then I remembered that my heart can pretty much almost always be trusted. So I really closed my eyes, and I got into my body. And I asked my heart how that felt. I asked my heart if that was in alignment with what I was really seeking. I asked me heart to help me trust, and I just did this. I sent out an email to people who I felt like would be in alignment with that calling that I had for The Heart Awakening Alliance. Within a few days, I got the perfect group together to start this. So I’m starting to do more of this much more feminine leadership. Less of me coaching, teaching you, more of me bringing people together in order to have a sense of belonging to the larger spirit, to one another, and of course to themselves. As I’m doing this, I feel still terrified because what if I screw it up. But I know there’s a deeper sense within me that knows that this is in full alignment with my values, with my heart, and that it’s in service to the world. So of course it’s going to work out.

So it’s not that I tell the brain to shut up. I say, “Thank you, brain. For giving me these questions and driving me to make it the best I can possibly make it.” The anxious thoughts or the self doubting thoughts really will drive my responsibility for showing up fully to this, of really owning it, of really making the best of it, and I fully, fully, fully trust myself to do that because of the anxious thoughts. So I’m even grateful for the self doubt. I’m even grateful for the thoughts that say, “Can this really be possible? Isn’t this too good to be true that everything you wanted is just coming together in one place?”

But so I don’t hate my brain. I say, “Thank you for these fearful thoughts. You’re going to motivate me to show up to this with the best of my effort and in my best self.” But I know because it’s in service of my heart, my values, and of loving the larger world that of course this was going to happen and this is happening. So by the way, the interesting part of this is that I’ve had programs in that past that I’ve had to market the hell out. Meaning, Facebook ads and Google ads, and la, la, la. Really recruit people to get into this. But not here. I had to send one email that I casually wrote after a meditation. It took me about 20 seconds, and I have the group. And I have the community, and I have an outlet to share spiritual practice in the context of empowerment.

So that’s what I want to share with you that you can really ask yourself if the changes you want to make are in deep alignment with your core values, and there’s a lot of ways to figure those out. But I won’t go into that today. Feel free to send me a message with your questions or comments. And is it in alignment with the greater good in the morning? Meaning will the world be at service, and that doesn’t mean people have to be like happy or rich. It just means will there be better vibes in the world that this is happening? And if the answer to that is yes, then choose to trust yourself. Again, see the thoughts, allow them, listen to them, hear them, but don’t trust the. Trust the guidance of your heart. It is always correct, and the only way you can know that of course is by going ahead and taking that leap and looking for that evidence and that validation.

So I done this before. This is not the first time I’ve listened to my heart, and I’ve done it enough times that I fully know with so much evidence and so much experience that I can trust it. And because I think that this world is made of love, and therefore anything I do out of deep love for myself and other people of course will manifest and work out. Not always as I imagine it, not always when I see it, but for sure will happen. And I choose to trust because I have a lot of evidence now that backs that up, and if you don’t have a lot of evidence that backs that up, if you struggle to develop the faith in your heart, just lean on mine. I got so much for you here, and please feel free to send me a message, give me a call, and just say, “Hey, I need a little faith in my heart right now. Can you help me with that?” I’m here for you because I know how scary it is to do it the first few times.

But yeah, so those are the changes I’m starting to slowly make in my business. Bringing much more groups, bringing much more community, bringing a lot more spirit. And I hope that me being willing to take this leap despite the fact that my income will depend on it, despite the fact that I don’t know how I’ll do it or all the answers, despite the fact that I haven’t done market research on whether this resonates in a deep way, I’m going to do it anyway. And I hope that that is inspiration to you to follow your dreams and listen to your heart and let’s do this together.

Oh, sorry. Now I’m signing off. Lots of love to you, my loves. Trust in your heart. It’s always right, and I’ll see you very soon.

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