If you’re feeling a bit “stuck” in life right now, you’re not alone.


And it’s natural to blame it all on yourself, too.


Why can’t I just figure this out? 


Why don’t I actually do the things I say I want to do?


I should be able to move past this by now.


But here’s what I know for sure.


You don’t need to be doing amazing in your life in order to love yourself.


You just need to change the way you’re thinking about your situation.


In this weeks video blog, I show you how to do that, so you can stop feeling bad and start making progress!


And if you need even more support getting back on track, my Happiness Formula workbook has got you covered! It empowers you to nail down exactly what’s missing in your life, why you’re feeling stuck, and what to do about it. You’ll absolutely love this tool!