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How to Create Emotional Wellbeing by Tapping Into the Mind-Body Connection

3 Science-Backed Ways to Listen to Your Body and Heal Your Mind

Are you sick of being controlled by your own emotional rollercoaster?

One day, you kick ass at work, whip up a delicious and healthy dinner and feel like you’re on the road to becoming the next Oprah or Bill Gates.

The next day, you notice a huuuge typo in an email to your boss, and you feel like hiding under your desk and bursting into tears at the same time.

No matter how well you were doing the day before, today, you just can’t silence that inner Negative Nancy. All you can think is: I am suuuuch a failure.

Most likely, you’ve tried countless hacks to get a hold on your negativity through the years. After all, everywhere you look, people are promoting a different kind of “magic bullet.” Medications. Meditations. Nutrition guides. Essential oils.

But you have no idea which ones would actually work for you, so you never feel motivated enough to fully commit.

Or maybe you’ve spent hours researching the “what if’s” behind your cruddy feelings. Is it loneliness? An inflammatory diet? Toxins in your system? A chemical imbalance? There are just as many causes for emotional imbalance as there are “solutions” - and you feel soooo overwhelmed, you have no idea where to start.

All you know is that you don’t have time to test everything. You just want to focus on the one area in your life that will make the biggest, fastest difference. 

And I get it. As a international life coach, speaker, writer, and teacher, I know how hectic life can be. In the little free time you have, you deserve to be enjoying your life - rather than constantly trying to battle and fix your own emotions.  

That’s where listening to your body comes into play. You see, being able to listen to your body is the only way to really, really know how to achieve mental clarity and peace.

Your body can tell you what kind of diet makes sense for you. What kind of morning ritual, exercise routines, relationships, and lifestyle choices will bring out the best in you. It can even tell you when you’re ready to have the ‘big talk’ with your partner, or to finally take that scary but exciting leap at work.

And sure, you could try to intellectualize all this. Look into the science. Do the research. Make strategic plans. But, if you’re like me, you’ve made a lot of fancy plans in the past, only to have them crash and burn as you tried to follow through.

Because you were actually too tired, or too stressed, or just not in a good place...and you tried to force something that just didn’t feel natural or right.

So you can keep trying to figure things out the the hard way...

Or you can do it the easy way.

The natural way.

By dropping into your body and listening to it’s message.

See, whether you’re aware of it or not, your body is already sending you TONS of messages. Every. Single. Day. Think of the last time you talked to someone crazy cute and your heart started racing.

Or how your stomach sank when you returned to the same dentist’s office where you had that awful root canal last year.

But these kind of messages are only the beginning. Your body is also sending you so many more signals, trying to help you through every step of your day.

But these signals are more subtle, and nobody ever taught you what to pay attention to or how to speak this language.

That’s where my Masterclass on the Mind-Body Connection comes in.

This 1.5 hour video will teach you three concrete, scientifically-backed tools you can use to tune in to the infinite wisdom of your body.

You can use them throughout your day to help you make important decisions (and finally feel confident that you’re making the right choice). You can use them you evaluate a new supplement, meditation technique, or exercise pattern.

You can use them to plan your days, and really, your whole life. And most importantly, you can use them to finally step off the emotional rollercoaster, and step into balance and inner peace.

This means no more guessing about whether some life hack or another will actually work for you. No more endless appointments with therapists or doctors. And no more exhausting cycles of deliberation and procrastination - these tools give you answers that you can act on right away!

Imagine what it would be like to finally know with 100% certainty that you’re doing the right thing for your mind and body.

To know that you are in control of your own wellbeing, and that you can trust yourself to make the right choices.

In fact, listening to my body was KEY to helping me finally overcome my own epic battles with mental and emotional health.

For years, I didn’t recognize any of the signals my body sent me. I was always stressed and busy and totally engulfed by New York City’s go-go-go culture. But when I started learning about these amazing tools and technologies for tuning into my body’s wisdom, I finally began to understand how I was sabotaging myself through the choices I was making every day.

Choices I thought would make me happier, healthier, and more successful - but in fact, were doing exactly the opposite. So Instead of blindly listening to experts’ opinions on the best way to heal, I learned how to tweak their advice to do what was best for me.

And that is when I got better. When I fully healed. And when I unlocked the secrets to my own vitality.

I still use these tools every single day to make sure I’m consistently operating at my best. And now, I’m going to share them with you, so you can do the same.  

This Masterclass,

How to Create Emotional Wellbeing by Tapping Into the Mind-Body Connection

is an easy-to-follow, 1.5-hour workshop that will:

  • Teach you what physical symptoms to pay attention to in your body... and what these symptoms are actually telling you about the cause of your emotional rollercoaster. No more relying on other people to tell you the source of your problems. Instead, you can find out for yourself by using your own body as a guide!
  • Give you the power to easily and quickly measure your stress levels anytime, anywhere. That way, you can be strategic when it comes to entering stressful situations. For instance, if you know that your stress levels are already a 7 out of 10, you probably shouldn’t take on that difficult talk with your mom tonight.
  • Help you figure out exactly what lifestyle choices - from your diet to your environment to your exercise routine - are right for your unique body. You’ll never have to guess if you’re “doing things right,” or making a good decision. Instead, you’ll know what choices will truly make you thrive!

The skills I’ll be teaching you during the workshop are based on the work I’ve done on my own body and with hundreds of clients around the world. They are also rooted in the latest research on the mind-body connection.

Cutting edge studies are coming out every day which demonstrate how these natural, mind-body techniques can lower harmful stress hormones, improve your immune system, decrease blood pressure and put your body back in balance.

In other words, if you’re striving for emotional wellbeing, learning how to harness the power of your own mind-body connection is one of the most important and powerful things you can do!

Here’s what you get:

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