A Positive-Thinking Guide For:

The Path To A Better You

Assess Your Positivity

Positivity involves making a commitment to see the good in yourself and others, take responsibility for your well-being, and sit face-to-face with negativity, uncertainty, and discomfort. Complete this quick assessment to take stock of where you are right now on the path to positivity, and where you can grow.

The Path to Positivity: Proven Positive Thinking Techniques for Getting Motivated and Living Your Best Life

A practical road map for the path to positive thinking

Whether you’re hoping to feel confident at work, create stronger relationships, or complete unfinished home projects―lasting change starts with positive thinking. The Path to Positivity gives you the mental tools to overcome negativity, renew your motivation, and get unstuck from the daily grind―all with the help of positive thinking.

Find empowerment through positive thinking with supportive advice on things like goal setting, relationship management, and self-care. Compassionate exercises help you discover which areas of your life need the most self-love while proven strategies show you how to reduce distorted thinking, find acceptance in the world around you, stay focused, and create positive experiences every day.

This guide to positive thinking includes:

  • Modern-world motivation―Find self-acceptance using evidence-based positive thinking strategies from various fields, including psychology, mindfulness, philosophy, and more.
  • Core four―Create sustainable inner change by following the four rules for positive thinking, including challenging your thoughts, embracing imperfection, and quieting your inner critic.
  • Get S.M.A.R.T.―Set and track realistic goals with useful journaling sections that will help you determine your values, identify thought patterns, and set healthy boundaries.

Build a foundation of positivity and become the best version of yourself on the road to positive thinking.

Want To Learn More About Path To Positivity?

Caitlin was on Empower Radio, talking about, The Path to Positivitywith host Karen Hager. In the conversation, she shared:

  • How to heal your negative emotions
  • How to love yourself even when you don’t like yourself….and the importance of focusing on your own goodness
  • How to convert negative feelings into courage, confidence and wisdom
  • Why you shouldn’t prioritize happiness – and what you should prioritize instead

You can listen to the entire interview free by clicking on this link.