Immersions in Intimacy

Intimacy = In to me see.

Intimacy comes from the word intima, meaning “innermost.” Within all of us lies our intima; the deepest core of our person. Your intima is the part of you which allows a profound connection to yourself and to others. It is the inside being, the real you, your soul.

Our programs begin by helping you connect with your intima so that you build a deep relationship with the most vulnerable parts of yourself, your profound feelings, your highest values, and your deepest knowings. In this process, you learn to heal yourself, love yourself and trust yourself.

Upon that solid inner connection, you’re empowered to build intimate relationships with other people. In our level 2 and 3 programs, you’ll learn how to get what you need, build amazing connections, and share your deepest self in a way that empowers you to receive more love, support and appreciation from your friendships and your partner. These intimate relationships will anchor you, enrich you, and connect you to a deeper sense of happiness and belonging. As you create life with people you adore, loved and cherished as your whole self, you’ll feel fulfilled at every level.

Level One: Intimacy with Self

Level Two: Intimacy in Sisterhood

  • Empress Embodied (by invitation only)

Level Three: Intimacy in Partnership 

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