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Freedom From Anxiety: A Holistic Program To Transform Your Anxiety Into Your Power

This workshop integrates psychology, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and lifestyle design to empower you with an all-natural, comprehensive path to healing stress and anxiety. You’ll learn how to work with negative thoughts, make healing essential oils and herbal remedies, and use powerful practices for soothing your racing mind.


$549 Per Month

Who is This For: asdssd

Format: 7 PM – 9 PM

Duration: Manhasset, NY

Radiant Confidence: Six Week To Life Changing Confidence

This workshop is carefully designed to cleanse your body and mind from the inside out. Using unique yogic practices, we will twist, rinse and pump through the abdominal organs, flushing them with fresh blood to keep them healthy and effective! You’ll learn how to use food and herbs to cleanse the body, and several easy 3-minute detox practices you can do any time, any where.


$118 Per Month