The meditation that will help you silence your inner critic and conquer anything life throws your way

Are you sick of feeling like, no matter what you do, your inner critic always wins?

Like, no matter what you do, you can never fulfill your own high standards? Before you answer, see if any of these stories sounds familiar:

After months or even years of trying, you finally feel like you’re making progress on a really important goal of yours. You’re working out to help you feel more energized and happy. Or maybe you’ve left the job that was destroying your personal life and started an awesome new gig. And everything’s going great…until suddenly, another obstacle is thrown your way. Life gets crazy, and you miss going to the gym for two weeks, and you binge on pizza to feel better. Or you miss an important deadline at work, and you take out your stress by screaming at your partner later that night.

Now, think about what thoughts run through your head. Do you think, “Oh, no big deal. I made a mistake, and I have a fresh start tomorrow.”

Probably not.

More likely, that’s when your inner critic joins the party. Telling you that it’s all your fault. That other people wouldn’t have reacted the way you did or gotten themselves into that situation in the first place. That you’re a hypocrite and lazy…and maybe even a total failure.


Believe it or not, all of this negativity is only natural. We all have what scientists call a “negativity bias” – but I’m going to call it a brutal inner critic! Back in the caveman days, our brains needed to focus on “negative” things – like a huge mountain lion that could cause some maaaajor damage – so we could survive. But nowadays, this inner Negative Nancy can trap us in a cycle of self-hate and self-blame. And I know that’s not what you want, right? Well, then you have to start listening to another voice. This voice is one you probably don’t listen to that often, but it lives deep inside your heart and soul. It’s the voice of self-compassion.

When you tell Negative Nancy to suck it and listen to the self-compassionate guy in your head, AMAZING things start to happen.

  • You don’t respond to personal “mess ups” or difficult times in life with criticism. Instead, you show yourself the same kindness, support and forgiveness you would show a beloved friend.
  • You are mindful about your own sadness and stress, and give yourself – and that pain – the kind of warm, loving hug your grandma used to give you.
  • You stop focusing on blaming yourself for causing the problem, and instead focus on all the strengths you have to resolve it.
  • And you realize that you are not judged by how “perfectly” you cope with a difficult situation or reach a certain goal. You are judged by how often you can fall, wipe the dust off your booty and get back up.

By relying on self-compassion whenever something difficult pops up in your life – whether it’s anxiety, stress, physical illness, losing your job, whatever – you can stop yourself from plunging into a downward spiral. Because you know that, no matter what happens, you can look in the mirror and say, “Well, today majoooorly sucked, and I regret the ways I kinda screwed up. But I’m going to give myself a break, learn my lesson, and just move forward, anyway!” Imagine how much happier you would be, how much more you’d achieve, and how well you would sleep at night if you could just practice this kind of self-compassion, rather than constantly staying trapped by self-criticism.

That’s where my Self-Compassion Meditation comes in.

This 20-minute meditation will guides you on a journey to reconnect with your own compassionate inner voice. And even if you think meditation “doesn’t work” for you, this one will. I’m actively keeping you focused and motivated the entire time as you embark on this beautiful journey to self-love. Plus, science is definitely on your side. Studies have shown that people who give themselves mental TLC feel waaaaay less sad or anxious. Whether you’re struggling to cope with the loss of someone you love, or you’re freaking out because you think you’ll get fired from a job you love, or you’re dealing with a cruddy illness, or whatever…self-compassion help you get through it with grace and dignity.

I like to call self-compassion the coconut oil of healing; there doesn’t seem to be much it can’t do! Not to mention, self-compassion also helps you achieve your goals, feel more connected to others, and boosts your confidence through the roof.Now, just imagine how all of these benefits could transform your own life.

What would it be like, for the first time in your life, to wake up every day with the certainty that, no matter what happens, you can handle it? To be able to tap into your own inner strength and encouragement during hard times, instead of relying on others? To know you can feel safe, even if you make a mistake or have the ultimate bad day, because your mind and body are filled with love and kindness?

Well you can start building these realities right now with this self-compassion meditation.

My Self-Compassion Meditation

is a 20-minute meditation that will:

  • Help you relax and feel comfortable in your body. This way, even in emotionally challenging situations, you’ll always have a safe space you can retreat to and ground yourself in.
  • Teach you how to view your thoughts and feelings mindfully and change the inner dialogue when harmful thoughts or emotions come up.
  • Put your struggles in context, and remember what a badass you really are. Ever wish you could have a mini Oprah sit on your shoulder and constantly remind you how amazing you are? That’s what you’re learning to do by cutting down on all this negative self-talk!

Here’s what you get:

A 20-minute meditation in which I’ll actively guide you through feeling comfortable and grounded in your own body, and recognizing and challenging negative self-talk. (In other words…I’ll guide you into becoming an epically self-loving badass!)

And you can get all of that right now for just one payment of $20. And that’s no typo; this meditation really is just $20

So for the price of drinks of a bottle of wine, you can stop feeling paralyzed by failure and self-criticism….and in a much healthier way than drowning your fears in booze. So why wait another moment? Start your journey to self-compassion and true happiness right now by clicking the “Buy now” button below!

Order now and get:

A 20-minute meditation in which I’ll actively guide you through feeling comfortable and grounded in your own body, and recognizing and challenging negative self-talk.