Don’t keep your feelings inside. Here’s how to speak up (even if you’re anxious!)

People who struggle with anxiety have a habit of keeping their feelings inside.

If you do this, too, then there’s probably a pretty good reason why.

At some point it probably made sense for you to keep quiet.

Perhaps you grew up in a home where you always had to be the peacemaker.

Or perhaps someone you love used to tell you you’re “too emotional,” so you learned it wasn’t “mature” to show your feelings.

Or perhaps you don’t want to be seen as “pushy” or “demanding.”

Whatever it is, that’s ok. Let’s not get caught up in the past.

Now, you’re an adult. And keeping your feelings inside, or otherwise holding back, no longer serves you.

Because feelings are energy. And negative feeling like anxiety, sadness, etc…have a really strong energy. You’ve felt this toxic energy many times before: in your racing heart, in your tight shoulders, or in you’re sweating hands.

So if you keep these feelings inside, you keep this energy inside. Which only causes more anxiety, and reinstates the belief that you’re a burden to other people when you share what’s real for you right now.

Plus, if you perpetually keep your real self hidden, you diminish over time. You have less energy, vitality, and passion. You feel less happy and fulfilled. Over time you whittle away and have little to offer others because your cup is so empty.

I’ve been down that road, and trust me, it ain’t pretty.

So today I’m sharing quick video on why you need to speak up, even if you’re feeling anxious. Even if you’re feeling “unworthy.” Even if you’re worried the other person won’t listen to you.

And I’m giving you some really important tips to communicate effectively, with both compassion and strength.

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