Before Freedom From Anxiety, I was struggling to manage my anxiety. My experiences of anxiety were overwhelming at times and they would sometimes lead to panic attacks.  I had a particular anxiety about driving, and sometimes I felt like a prisoner in my own home. I signed up for this program because I felt that Caitlin truly understood what I was going through..especially because she shared with us her own experiences with anxiety, and how she overcame them with natural remedies. Through the program, I felt more relieved and not as alone. Caitlin taught me tools to manage anxiety – such as how how to eat for a more positive mindset, how to use my thoughts to diffuse my anxiety, and how speaking my truth could have a positive effect on my mood.  Not only did Caitlin make me more aware of these phenomena; she also presented the anatomy, physiology and science that supported her teachings, and this made me have even more faith in her program. After practicing the tools in Caitlin’s Freedom From Anxiety program, my anxiety has been a lot more manageable, and I have not had a panic attack since. More importantly, I have been able to experience the freedom and joy from driving again, and lead a more happy and fulfilling life!!!