Before I started working with Caitlin, I was struggling with almost every aspect of my life: my relationship, friends, family, work, getting out of bed, finding happiness in everyday activities, etc. Caitlin quickly helped me discover the fundamental issues underlying these symptoms, leading me to critical breakthroughs across all areas of my life. During sessions, Caitlin guides me through several practical exercises/ways to approach challenging situations. Her approach combines everything from mantra, self-love, and dietary guidelines to concrete planning and communication skills. We’ll often do ‘embodied practice’ through yoga sequences or guided meditations catered to my specific needs that day. One in particular stands out: I was having a very hard time letting go of a painful experience, and through Caitlin’s meditation I was able to find peace, and truly forgive myself. Overall, after working with Caitlin for several months, I’m more confident planning my days and handling difficult situations, and my life is moving forward at a remarkable pace.