Before coming into Caitlin’s world, I struggled with a lot of social anxiety. I felt like I wasn’t accepted in social situations. I was hyper-conscious of how people were reacting to me, and just always had this anxious feeling of being unliked. However, in Freedom From Anxiety, Caitlin told me about a few powerful natural supplements that immediately made my days easier and my mind lighter. Then she dove deep into nutrition, and showed me how to change my diet to spark my body’s own natural “feel good” chemicals. I had no idea how much those little things – like coffee and sugar – were actually impacting my mood…so it was empowering to learn that these were things in my control. But by far the most life-changing skill I learned through this program is mindfulness. Caitlin helped me discover that the reason I felt so uncomfortable in social situations was because I had tons of negative thoughts running in my subconscious mind. And she walked us through a really helpful, step-by-step process to stop those thoughts and build a more positive mentality. Not only do I feel a lot less anxious in social situations now, but I’m also a lot more positive, loving, and compassionate in my relationships. So if you struggle with anxiety, this program with definitely help you!. And your mind, body, and soul will thank you!