When I began meeting with Caitlin, I was feeling anxious and “stuck” in my job, as well as frustrated with the unhealthy relationship patterns I kept falling into. Through coaching sessions via FaceTime, Caitlin helped me understand and resolve several of the stale/negative core beliefs that had been holding me back. She compassionately trained me with the skills to overcome my anxious thoughts, cultivate kindness towards myself, and bring abundance and love into my life. Caitlin helped me understand why I feel uncomfortable being vulnerable and her mind-body techniques enabled me to nurture healthy relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners. Her guided meditations and reading recommendations were always extremely healing and informative. I learned a lot about myself during the months we worked together, and I’ve uncovered the happiest, calmest, and most confident version of myself through her coaching. I can say wholeheartedly that Coaching with Caitlin is well worth the investment. She’s very professional but also incredibly empathetic and kind. It’s abundantly clear she cares very much about her clients and her profession, and she’s amazing at what she does.