Before working with Caitlin, I was in a place of disharmony and disunity with myself. I felt lost, out of control, uneasy, anxious, unable to enjoy the moment, and overwrought in destructive thought patterns. Caitlin reintroduced me to the essential practices of self-love, something us “adults” and our society forgets too often. She provided me with worldly perspectives, personal anecdotes, cultural narratives, strengthening mantras, and scientifically proven techniques to ease me out of my discomfort. Caitlin’s guided meditations provided me with a sense of possibility; I never thought I would be able to enter that frame of consciousness where I can heal myself and silence my mind. Her thoughtfulness in choosing tailored meditative practices was incredibly relevant and advantageous. After working with Caitlin for twelve weeks, I was able to sync up with my mind, body and soul, reconnect to my ability to breathe deeply and heal myself in all stressful and anxiety-provoking situations. I now have a confidence in my own mental health and strength and have developed a knowingness that I will be okay no matter what. Caitlin gave me the permission to let go and allow whatever happenings to happen – a daily reminder that the only thing I am in control of is myself, how I react to situations and my own personal level of relaxation. I now love and accept all aspects of who I am and whatever thoughts come into play. I am able to move through my day without resistance and whenever difficulties arise, which they always will, I feel more equipped to handle the lows. I recommend her services unconditionally.