Radiant Wholeness

with Caitlin Margaret

A sanctuary for passionate women….
To awaken the deepest love and joy you’ve ever known.

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How Big-Hearted, High Achieving Women Rise Above Stress to Create REAL, RAW Joy and Inner Fulfillment

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Praise for Radiant Wholeness


“I learned to love and be who I truly am…and now amazing people are showing up in my life who love me for who I really am.”


“​I used to believe I didn’t belong in groups of women…but that was one of the best parts! I made such incredible relationships in this program.”


“I was able to sync up with my mind, body, and soul, reconnect to my ability to breathe deeply and feel joy.”


“I couldn’t have even imagined this life was possible without Caitlin’s brilliance and support. I am eternally grateful.”


“I was on the verge of leaving my marriage. After working with Caitlin, my relationship with my spouse is the strongest it’s been in 24 years.”


“My mental state has changed to an extent greater than I ever thought possible.”

Radiant Wholeness is a sanctuary for passionate women who are committed to creating the life and relationships of their dreams.

Together, we cultivate the healing, insight, community, and skills you need to feel WHOLE and let yourself SHINE.

We do this work because we believe that empowering women will heal this wounded world. Most modern women are caught in a trap of proving themselves instead of loving themselves, and data shows that this fake form of empowerment is actually making women today feel less fulfilled and happy than we have in the last 60 years.

Our holistic, results-focused approach to empowerment isn’t about changing who you are or fixing yourself; it’s about coming home to your soul, falling in love with the person that you are, stepping into your purpose, and building relationships that are wildly intimate, exciting, and nourishing.

Ready to drop the overwhelm and start to shine?

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