Natural Anxiety Treatment


natural anxiety treatment

Anxiety is debilitating, isn’t it?

It’s like your mind is on fire, overthinking and over analyzing every little, irrelevant thing. 

It keeps you tossing and turning at night. While your body feels exhausted, your mind is wide awake and racing.

lt’s a constant background hum of restlessness, distracting you from being in the moment.

It convinces you that your feelings are bad and that you’re a burden to the world.

It makes you isolate yourself from the people and situations you wish you could just enjoy.

It’s a tight knot in your stomach that you can’t untwist, and a racing heart that you just can’t soothe. 

And when you went to a psychiatrist, she told you there’s a pill that could make it all better and treat your anxiety. That’s right! All you gotta do is pop this baby in the morning, and all your problems will be solved by night!

But here’s the catch: you’ll probably have some pretty nasty side effects. A decreased sex drive/libido, nausea, memory loss, drowsiness, weight gain, to name a few. Maybe long-term liver damage.

Oh, and the meds will lose it’s therapeutic effects after 6 months, so you gotta keep upping that dose. But be careful – you can also become highly addicted, and the withdrawal is much worse than dealing with the anxiety you feel right now.

Really? This is the best “cure” your Harvard-trained psychiatrist could offer you?

NO WAY! You deserve better.

You need a treatment that EMPOWERS you.

That helps you get to the source of the problem. That makes sure you leave the emotional rollercoaster behind, once and for all.

That’s what my approach is all about. Working with me, you’ll learn how to slow down your thoughts, and even how to make them more positive over time. You’ll understand the source of your anxiety, and discover the specific lifestyle changes that will unravel this unhealthy web of symptoms once and for all. Most importantly, you’ll fall in love with yourself and all the beauty you bring to this world.

And the only side effects of this treatment are laughter, love, and confidence.

Want proof? Head over to my testimonials.

Or sign up for a discovery session (in-person or online), and see for yourself. In just one session together, we’ll take some big first steps on your road to relief.

To get a taste of what it’s like working with me:

Before I met Caitlin, I felt stuck and was really struggling with low self-confidence and endless unhealthy mental chatter. I no longer feel defeated or anxious. Thanks to Caitlin's guidance, I can now manage whatever comes my way & I'm so proud to say that I've regained control of my life!
Through coaching sessions via FaceTime, Caitlin helped me understand and resolve several of the stale/negative core beliefs that had been holding me back. She compassionately trained me with the skills to overcome my anxious thoughts, cultivate kindness towards myself, and bring abundance and love into my life.
Anxiety Testimonials
Every single session was very productive & I always left feeling HIGHLY inspired and clear. She helped me identify and confront my issues without being critical. She enabled me to understand what it meant to love myself & others & gave me concrete tools to practice & build these habits.
Amanda Caitlin Testimonial

Discovery Session

One 1.5 hour session
  • Who is this for?

    If you’re a new client who wants to explore what it’s like working with me, a discovery session is the perfect option for you!

  • What will we do together?

    During this session, we’ll meet for 90 minutes so we can really get to know one another, do a deep dive into the anxiety you’ve been facing, and conduct my Signature Holistic Analysis to understand the causes and origins of anxiety in your life. We’ll outline the critical changes in your thoughts and lifestyle that will empower you to release the nervousness and negativity that cripple your well-being and create a concrete plan for your recovery.

  • Bonus:

    A personalized meditation, selected by Caitlin to help reduce your anxiety

Back on Track

3-month package
  • Who is this for?

    Is this the first time you’ve struggled with anxiety? You’ve had ups and downs before, but suddenly it’s becoming unmanageable, and it's really affecting your quality of life? Or perhaps you’ve had a sudden, traumatic experience or there have been some major changes in your life and you’re really struggling with the transition? We’ll get you back on track in 3 months!
  • What will we do together?

    Twelve 75-minutes sessions, meeting on a weekly basis. We’ll have deep, constructive conversations to disentangle the roots of your anxiety, and practice the critical skills you’ll need to handle anxiety-inducing experiences with ease and peace. We’ll work with a plethora of tools, such as meditations, physical exercises, dietary interventions and decision-making frameworks to build within you a profound sense of confidence and contentment.
  • Bonus:

    A personalized meditation, selected by Caitlin to help get rid of your anxiety

    A full recording of each session with concrete action items, so you can refer back to it anytime


A Whole New You

6-month package
  • Who is this for?

    Have you been struggling with anxiety for many years? Have fear, worry, and restlessness, or obsessive behaviors been holding you back from enjoying your life, and taken an enormous toll on your confidence? Or perhaps you’ve been to traditional therapy before, and you’re tired of just talking about your past, or using medication to numb the discomfort? Then this package is for you.
  • What will we do together?

    Twenty-Four 75-minutes sessions, meeting on a weekly basis. We’ll start by healing the wounds from your past, nourishing and revitalizing your inner child. Then we’ll systematically build your new, confident self from the inside out, using holistic tools to embrace empowering beliefs, habits, relationships, foods, and lifestyle changes. You’ll release negative thinking once and for all, and construct a new identity of courage, contentment, and self-worth.
  • Bonus:

    A personalized meditation, selected by Caitlin to help get rid of your anxiety

    A full recording of each session with concrete action items, so you can refer back to it anytime

    A free Discovery Session for a friend

Cheat Sheet: Beating Anxiety with Self-Talk

Are you hijacked by your anxiety?

Constantly making mental lists of all the ways that you could fail – and all the things that might go wrong?

Use this Cheat Sheet to transform your negative thoughts into loving and constructive self-talk – so you can ditch your anxiety once and for all!

Beating Anxiety with Self-Talk Cheat Sheet