Holistic Treatment for Depression



When you’re struggling with depression, you often feel absent from your own life, weighed down by lethargy and loneliness. You increasingly lose interest in friends, activities, and things you used to enjoy, withdrawing from your relationships and commitments. Your body, too, takes a toll, as the invisible agony drains your energy and often causes aching sensations. Concentration and motivation are hard to come by, as you struggle to envisage that you could ever be cheerful again.

Don’t lose hope yet. Everyone needs some help in overcoming depression – and you’ve come to the right place. My holistic practice blends cutting-edge modern psychotherapy with experiential mind-body practices to guide you back to your true, joyful self.

As a supportive partner in your recovery, I’ll help you understand the origins of your depression and work with you to overcome your negative thoughts and emotions. In addition to constructive conversation, together we will practice various breathing techniques and meditations to relax and soothe your body and mind, and use yoga to reduce the impact of stress and pain. We will identify opportunities for hopefulness and connection, and build a practical plan to fulfill them. Understanding the complexities of depression,  we may also invoke reiki, massage, and art/nature therapy, creating a uniquely tailored treatment that works specifically for your needs.

Using this holistic approach, you’ll drastically improve your life by learning how to enjoy the present moment, change your negative thought patterns, and build relationships that support and nourish you.

This is the lasting happiness you deserve. Contact me to get started, or head over to my blog to read more about holistic health and happiness.