Research shows that online coaching are equally, and sometimes more effective than in-person coaching. My experience backs up the same conclusion. Through video calls, I’ve worked with clients from Pittsburgh to Paris to Phuket, as well as people constantly crossing borders, to achieve remarkable results in a short amount of time.

Here’s what they tell me about why they prefer online coaching:

  • The kind of holistic, high-quality, mind-body,mindfulness  work that I do with clients is hard to find where they live – but it’s an important quality they are searching for in their coach.
  • By doing an online session, I fit seamlessly into their day! Rather than taking the extra time to get to my office, meeting me online helps them save precious hours. They simply need to close their door at work or find a quiet corner of their house.
  • As soon as our meeting is over, they can immediately get to work on the action items we discussed, leveraging the motivation, mindfulness and inspiration they are feeling in that moment.
  • They like being in the comfort of their own homes when we were having difficult, sometimes tear-jerking conversations.
  • If they travel a lot for work, video sessions help them keep continuity in our work.

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Interested in trying online coaching? Sign up for a risk-free, introductory session for just $150! We’ll spend 90 minutes together, really getting to know one another, evaluating what’s holding you back, and mapping out a practical strategy forward. And hey, if the online format doesn’t work for you, we can always meet in person after that (or try and find someone closer to you if you’re not in NY).