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Where “Breakthrough” is a promise, not a marketing gimmick

Caitlin Margaret Holistic Life Coach

I’m Caitlin Margaret,

Using my background in psychology, business, and mind-body wellness, I help action-oriented go-getters who are burned-out or stuck to connect to their purpose, develop positive habits, and live joyful and passionate lives. 

Since you downloaded my Personal Happiness Formula, I bet that you’d really appreciate some extra support to overcome your challenges and get clear on the goals and habits that will help you develop a life you truly love.

When you sign up for a Breakthrough Session, we start by analyzing your life and challenges from a holistic perspective, giving you razor-sharp clarity on why you’re feeling confused or stuck. Then we set a really specific 6-month goal that’s aligned with your personal needs and values. And finally, we translate your goal into a measurable action plan, and design a powerful accountability system to help keep you on track.

And because my goal is to spread happiness as far and wide as possible, this month I’m offering this Personal Breakthrough Session at a 70% discount!