So, you haven’t found your dream job yet, huh? Perhaps you took a job you thought you’d enjoy, but it turned out not to be what you expected and you are very unhappy at work.

Or maybe the path to your dream job is long and winding, and you’re currently on one of the less glamorous steps on that path.

Or you’re not really sure what your dream job would look like, but you’re pretty confident that your current role is not it.

In the past, I’ve written a lot about how to discover and pursue your dream job. However, in the short term, one of the most important skills to grow is the capability to be happy wherever you are, and whatever circumstances surround you. When you’re in a job you’re not crazy about, there are things that you can do to immediately make things better and to help turn the job have into the job you want.

This transformation is commonly known as “job crafting” and it’s a really powerful tool for re-energizing your work life.  It involves re-imagining your role to incorporate your motivations and passions so that you can put personal touches on how you see and do your job. This process will help you gain a greater sense of control and fulfillment at work – no matter what you currently do for a living.

In this video, I’ll tell you the exact steps to get started with crafting your career if you are currently unhappy at work. I also share stories and case studies from real people who have used this process to jump into the driver’s seat of their job and begin to truly enjoy their work day once again.

As you saw in the video, there are 3 major ways in which you can change your current job so that it greater aligns with your interests and motivation:

  1. Tweaking the Tasks. This involves changing your core responsibilities in some way by taking on more or fewer tasks, expanding or diminishing their scope, or changing how they are performed. 
  2. Reimagining your Relationships. Here, you can alter how, when, or with whom you interact in the process of performing your job. This means identifying the ways in which you can honor your values and nourish your growth through working with others in different ways.
  3. Altering your Perceptions. Also known as cognitive crafting, this means changing the way you think about your work, perhaps by aligning it to a more meaningful story about you or your organization. 

Are you unhappy at work

No matter how you do it, the bottom line is this: You deserve to have a rewarding, fulfilling and interesting career. Sometimes, that means you’re going to have to make some major changes – like go back to school, or start your own business, or navigate the transition into a new industry. But for right now, you’ve got to make sure that you are shaping your job, not letting your job shape you.

Resources: Fatima Job Crafting Example

Job crafting example


job crafting example