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 Gain control of your thoughts, your emotions, and your life.

Build and stick to healthy habits, relationships and goals.

Find deep, lasting fulfillment. 

Hi love! This is a big day for you!  Working with me 1-on-1 is going to help you gain more clarity, control, and confidence than you’ve every had before.

So, CONGRATS, on getting started!

Now, if you’re wondering if we’re a good fit, let me help you decide!

My clients are pretty incredible people. They are kind. They are hard-working. And they’ve got big dreams for their lives.

And yet, somewhere along the way, they got stuck. And every day, they feel more unfulfilled, more burned out and more frustrated with their lives.  

The worst part is…they’re not really sure what went wrong, how they ended up here, or how to break out of this rut. There’s simply no light at the end of the tunnel, and that fills them with anxiety, sadness, and even some self-loathing.

If you can relate to this, then you have landed at the right place!

From the outside, you’re life looks pretty good (or so your instagram would imply), but on the inside, you know something is seriously missing.

And you try to forget about it. You fill every minute of your calendar, so that you never have to be alone with your thoughts.  

Or maybe by now, you’ve realized that none of those activities are truly making you feel much better, so you’ve started to give up. Or shut down.

But don’t surrender yet!! You can dramatically turn things around with just ONE breakthrough session with me, and completely transform your life in a matter of months.

What does that transformation look like? Here are just a few examples of the kind of results that my 1-on-1 clients consistently achieve in just 3 to 12 months:

  • Stephanie went from having uncontrollable meltdowns on a weekly basis to finding a deep sense of fulfillment and being in control her thoughts and emotions
  • Jason went from being self-hating and overweight to a maintaining a sustainable workout and diet, sending his confidence through the roof
  • Emily went from feeling insanely anxious in every social situation to owning her power and unabashedly being herself wherever she went
  • Chris went from total confusion and frustration in his career to getting complete clarity on how to live his purpose in and outside of the office
  • Jessica went from constantly feeling alone and isolated to building her soul tribe and letting go of her “childhood issues” once and for all
  • Becky overcome all the low self-confidence that made her persistently procrastinate on her artistic dreams to being an unstoppable creative force at work and in life.
  • Michael went from being a self-doubting, meek and single man to becoming a confident and loving partner in relationship with an amazing girl

Check out my incredible testimonials for more amazing stories of people like you who have beat anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, and professional “stuckness” once and for all.

When you sign up to work with me one-on-one, we’ll examine your thoughts and train your brain to focus on the positive beliefs that truly serve you.

We’ll nurture your ability to make bold choices, follow through and trust yourself to completely do so.

We’ll dissolve the fears in you about your life, and we’ll take back the power you perceive to be outside yourself in other people.

We’ll deliberately design your career, relationships, and daily habits to align and achieve what really matters to you.

You’ll walk away with the confidence and clarity you’ve always dreamed of having (but lost touch with long ago).

You’ll let go of all the anxiety, worry, and sadness you battle with, nurturing love, joy, and fulfillment in their place.

You’ll feel RADIANT and WHOLE. Nothing to hide. Nothing to fix. Just bold, bright, and beautiful you – living a life that nurtures your happiness every day, and knowing without a doubt that when difficult stuff comes up, it’s no big deal – you’ve totally got this.

Sounds like the fix you need? Then don’t procrastinate for one day more.

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Caitlin helped me determine exactly the direction I needed to go, and we developed a step-by-step plan to get me there. Caitlin helped me start my own dream business and everyday I wake up grateful that I made that first step to call her.
Life coach testimonial
This holistic approach is not an easy thing to find. As a result of our work together, I’ve become much more committed to my biggest goals, and more patient and kind to myself in the process.

Brooklyn life coach testimonial
Not only has Caitlin helped me define my life’s mission, my goals, and core values, but she’s systematically helped me get after my life and start making real, concrete change. She has an uncanny way of getting at the root of problems while still inspiring forward movement and momentum.

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