Remi,New York

Caitlin is a light in the world of mental health. I’ve tried a few top-rate coaches before her to help me deal with my depression and anxiety, and none of them came close to the professional, loving, results-oriented work I did with Caitlin. Yes, my depression has lifted and my anxiety is much lower these days, but honestly, that’s just the beginning of what I accomplished through this experience. My life has meaning, direction, purpose and joy. And I can’t imagine having gotten here without her.

Before I met Caitlin, I was in a very dark place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was depressed and couldn't see how to get myself out. I was considering giving up and I was scared to get help; to open up to someone and be judged or vulnerable. I was blessed to meet Caitlin through what I can only suppose was divine intervention. Caitlin assessed my needs and provided compassionate, empathetic, and thoughtful guidance that yielded results: I'm happier in my relationship with myself, and have learned to practice the self-love and compassion I sorely needed. I experience more love flow in my relationship with my significant other. I started and succeeded at my first entrepreneurial venture. My relationship to money, play, meditation, sexuality, spirituality, and vulnerability have all improved abundantly. I find myself seeing more clearly, and feeling more inner power after every session. Caitlin helped save my life, and taught me to enjoy it again.

Mark,New York

Jessica,Los Angeles

When I began meeting with Caitlin, I was feeling anxious and “stuck” in my job, as well as frustrated with the unhealthy relationship patterns I kept falling into. Through coaching sessions via FaceTime, Caitlin helped me understand and resolve several of the stale/negative core beliefs that had been holding me back. She compassionately trained me with the skills to overcome my anxious thoughts, cultivate kindness towards myself, and bring abundance and love into my life. Caitlin helped me understand why I feel uncomfortable being vulnerable and her mind-body techniques enabled me to nurture healthy relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners. Her guided meditations and reading recommendations were always extremely healing and informative. I learned a lot about myself during the months we worked together, and I've uncovered the happiest, calmest, and most confident version of myself through her coaching. I can say wholeheartedly that Coaching with Caitlin is well worth the investment. She’s very professional but also incredibly empathetic and kind. It’s abundantly clear she cares very much about her clients and her profession, and she’s amazing at what she does.

I scheduled my first session with Caitlin because I was very unhappy at work, was stressed out, and felt like I was not on the right path. I knew I needed to make a big change, but had no idea where to start. By my third session, Caitlin had helped me determine exactly the direction I needed (and wanted) to go, and we developed a step-by-step plan to get me there. Caitlin helped me start my own dream business and everyday I wake up grateful that I made that first step to call her. In addition to her tactical knowledge of business and wellness, she’s so positive and supportive. Caitlin helped me to stay on track launching my business, organize my day to be more productive, and even gave me yoga flows to help keep my body in a place to support my dreams. Her services are one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Amy,New York


It's hard to sum up what an impact Caitlin has had on my life. When I started seeing her I wasn't even really sure what my issue was except for having a fundamental feeling of discontentedness with many aspects of my life. Not only has Caitlin helped me define my life’s mission, my goals, and core values, but she’s systematically helped me get after my life and start making real, concrete change. She has an uncanny way of getting at the root of problems while still inspiring forward movement and momentum. Caitlin is exactly what you need her to be exactly when you need her to be it. Whether that’s a cheerleader, a therapist, or an unbelievable motivator, she’s got you covered. I can say with complete honesty that Caitlin has helped me meet and fall in love with myself and I can’t imagine a greater gift.

Working with Caitlin has been an instrumental step in making significant changes in my life. I came to her considering relocating, changing my career, and in a rut around health and wellness. Within 6 sessions, she had coached me with immediate steps to improve my here-and-now lifestyle, while crafting a vision for longer term changes that I've since implemented. As a holistic life coach, I found her approach unique in that she grounds her coaching with very practical action steps. Ultimately, the greatest benefit of my sessions with Caitlin has been greater confidence to trust my instincts, know my values, and empowerment in my ability to create the life I want to be living.

Jessica,New York


Before working with Caitlin, I had lots of things I wanted to accomplish but didn’t have the discipline or patience to really put my goals into action. I was caught up in stress and the useless cycle of being trapped in my thoughts. Caitlin helped me free my mind up, get clear on my motivations, and align my life with my priorities. Together, we translated my goals into a concrete plan-of-action, and she held me accountable to making progress each and every week. Caitlin's expertise in psychology and as a life coach go hand in hand and create an environment for achieving the life you want for yourself, both personally or professionally. Furthermore, she is skilled in the use of meditation and yoga and uses these tools to help you advance towards your goals with a peaceful state of mind. This holistic approach is not an easy thing to find. As a result of our work together, I’ve become much more committed to my biggest goals, and more patient and kind to myself in the process. I look forward to continuing my work with Caitlin and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance in getting more out of the life they are living.

Caitlin was nothing short of amazing and I'm so glad that I was lucky enough to work with her. Caitlin is professional, insightful, understanding and solutions oriented. She helped me work through a number of career and personal challenges, including making a major international move - and the life changes that go with it - seamless. I can not recommend her enough for someone looking to better align their life with the things that actually bring them happiness.

Colby,New York

Jamilla,New Jersey

Working with Caitlin has been life-changing. What I enjoy most is how versatile and effective her coaching can be, offering sound solutions in everything from finding personal clarity to designing a meaningful career to creating strong relationships. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor and the creative tools and strategies she has provided have inspired me to prioritize what is in important in my life and live in congruence with my values and passions. I highly recommend Caitlin if you’re looking for a highly-skilled, intuitive, and seriously inspiring coach!

Before I met Caitlin, I felt very stuck and was really struggling with low self-confidence and endless unhealthy mental chatter. After just one appointment, I felt so much hope and like I was ready to get my life back together! And after 4 sessions, I was more motivated than ever before in my life, and I accomplished more in that month than the entire year before that. I found myself eating better, exercising, and taking the reins of my career. And if something threw off my routine, I no longer felt feel defeated or anxious. Thanks to Caitlin's guidance, I can now manage whatever comes my way, and I'm so proud to say that I've regained control of my life!

Michael,New York

Brittany,New York

I reached out to Caitlin when I felt totally confused about my next career move. Within minutes of speaking, Caitlin understood me, and instantly felt like a friend whom I could easily open up to. We did several personality and values exercises, from which I gleaned amazing insights about myself and the best professions and working styles for me. Using these, we mapped out my next career move and the specific processes, habits, and mindset I would use to make the transition. Caitlin was simultaneously compassionate, calming, and results-oriented - a rare mix! I highly recommend working with her.

Caitlin is one of the most resilient people I've met in my life. She has inner strength of steel, borne of having been through countless complex and difficult situations in her personal and professional lives. She also is constantly seeking out different ways to grow herself, intellectually, professionally, personally, emotionally, spiritually....in a myriad number of ways. Thus, when you go to her with a problem, she is often able to hone in on the different layers of the problem and talk you through it empathetically and logically, and guide you to a solution that honors your integrity while also balancing the egos and priorities of the other people you may be embroiled with. If you're looking for a empathetic, super intelligent, experienced, and skilled coach, then Caitlin is an amazing option.

Nilima,San Francisco

Amanda,New York

I really loved Caitlin’s holistic style and approach. Every single session we had was very productive, and I always left feeling HIGHLY inspired and clear. During our sessions, Caitlin helped me identify and confront my issues without being critical. She enabled me to truly understand what it meant to love myself and others, and gave me concrete tools to practice and build these habits. In just a few months together, we were able to work through so many critical elements of my life, and make meaningful breakthroughs on my greatest challenges. Caitlin pushed me to grow and held me accountable to my goals, all the while making me feel comfortable and safe. I highly recommend her services!

I reached out to Caitlin in 2015. At the time, I was battling a brain tumor, for which I had multiple surgeries, one of which that left me completely deaf. As a result, I was forced to leave my job, and was desperately trying figure out how to survive in my suddenly silent world. Working with Caitlin was so empowering, at a time when I was feeling completely powerless. She knew exactly how to empathise with me, but never pitied me. She asked the right questions, and enabled me to believe in myself enough to start my own business! (One that I had wanted to start for years, but never quite had the courage.) Moreover, as an entrepreneur herself, Caitlin was incredibly helpful in designing and setting up my startup. Just a few months later, I can truly say I've become a happy, successful entrepreneur, able to face my challenges with confidence and determination. I can't thank Caitlin enough for her enormous role in getting me here.


Rachael,New York

Before I started working with Caitlin, I was struggling with almost every aspect of my life: my relationship, friends, family, work, getting out of bed, finding happiness in everyday activities, etc. Caitlin quickly helped me discover the fundamental issues underlying these symptoms, leading me to critical breakthroughs across all areas of my life. During sessions, Caitlin guides me through several practical exercises/ways to approach challenging situations. Her approach combines everything from mantra, self-love, and dietary guidelines to concrete planning and communication skills. We’ll often do ‘embodied practice’ through yoga sequences or guided meditations catered to my specific needs that day. One in particular stands out: I was having a very hard time letting go of a painful experience, and through Caitlin’s meditation I was able to find peace, and truly forgive myself. Overall, after working with Caitlin for several months, I’m more confident planning my days and handling difficult situations, and my life is moving forward at a remarkable pace.

Working with Caitlin has been an extremely helpful and eye-opening experience. When we first started working together, I felt overwhelmed and rudderless. I was going through the motions of advancing in my career—but I didn't have a strong grasp on my values or priorities. Caitlin helped me identify what's really important to me. Now I can apply my value system to any experience or decision I make moving forward. If you're unsure of your next move, or need help evaluating an important life decision, I would highly recommend getting help from Caitlin!

Emily,New York

Megan,New York

Before working with Caitlin, I was in a place of disharmony and disunity with myself. I felt lost, out of control, uneasy, anxious, unable to enjoy the moment, and overwrought in destructive thought patterns. Caitlin reintroduced me to the essential practices of self-love, something us "adults" and our society forgets too often. She provided me with worldly perspectives, personal anecdotes, cultural narratives, strengthening mantras, and scientifically proven techniques to ease me out of my discomfort. Caitlin's guided meditations provided me with a sense of possibility; I never thought I would be able to enter that frame of consciousness where I can heal myself and silence my mind. Her thoughtfulness in choosing tailored meditative practices was incredibly relevant and advantageous. After working with Caitlin for twelve weeks, I was able to sync up with my mind, body and soul, reconnect to my ability to breathe deeply and heal myself in all stressful and anxiety-provoking situations. I now have a confidence in my own mental health and strength and have developed a knowingness that I will be okay no matter what. Caitlin gave me the permission to let go and allow whatever happenings to happen - a daily reminder that the only thing I am in control of is myself, how I react to situations and my own personal level of relaxation. I now love and accept all aspects of who I am and whatever thoughts come into play. I am able to move through my day without resistance and whenever difficulties arise, which they always will, I feel more equipped to handle the lows. I recommend her services unconditionally.

There might not be enough words to describe what an amazing gift Caitlin has and is to others. She is kind, nurturing, inspirational, and thoughtful. Upon finding her profile online, I was a little skeptical at first on how she could possibly help me. I wasn't really sure what exactly a life coach was. I've tried talk therapy before, but somehow I could not connect. However, I was at a point where I knew I desperately needed help. I was having trouble finding happiness and a purpose. I felt overwhelmed in many aspects of my life and wanted to gain control...and so I reached out. Caitlin responded to my email within 24 hours. She answered my questions and any concerns I had...finding the time and money was definitely one of them. She offered a couple different options and assured me it would be well worth my investment. She couldn't have been any more right! When I started seeing Caitlin, she made me feel super comfortable right away, and I do not open up easily. She gained my trust quickly. I learned a lot about myself and some of the underlying issues I had. For those days where I just didn't feel like talking, she always offered guided yoga and meditation. Most of our sessions were split...half talking and half body/mindfulness. I really enjoyed that. I always left feeling better than when I arrived. I left with a positive attitude and in higher spirits. Caitlin got me to take a look at myself and see my self-worth. In only a short while of knowing her, I've already been able to take steps in the right direction to better myself and my life. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone...no matter your age, background, or circumstance. She has the experience, she has the knowledge, and she has the heart.

Jessica,New York

Chris,Los Angeles

I had just moved from Los Angeles to New York when I met Caitlin. I was eager but also nervous as I began to explore this new city and meet people. Personally, I had become disillusioned with my life in Los Angeles and I was ready to 'experience' something new. Caitlin was very easy to talk to and I could relate to her on so many levels. She has a 'worldly view' which is not common, even for those that consider themselves 'well traveled'. Her smile and cheerful disposition will draw you in but the best part about our conversations is that she is fully present. I could tell right away that she was genuinely interested in what I had to say and her follow up questions were challenging and poignant. In our conversations, I learned to be more vulnerable, to trust in myself and trust others as well. She has become one of my closest friends and our time together in New York was the highlight of my experience.

I've been fortunate to have had Caitlin as a resource while working through challenges big and small, on both professional and personal fronts. Caitlin is one of the few people I know who has truly mastered the art of active listening. When you talk her through a sticky situation, you quickly feel confident that she "gets it," and that becomes even more evident through how tangible and on-point her inputs are. Caitlin's guidance—on everything from navigating major transitions, to nurturing better relationships, to managing a to-do list — continues to make me a better worker, leader, and human being.

Karolle,Washington D.C

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