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I’m Caitlin Margaret, founder of Radiant Wholeness: the source of the emotional support and wisdom you’ve been waiting for. I help action-oriented people who feel overwhelmed, unmaotivated, and under-confident to take control of their lives and create systems that guarantee lasting fulfillment. Most people first show up in my world feeling like they’re at the end of their rope, emotionally.

Perhaps you can relate to this too?

You’ve tried a bunch of “wellness hacks,” read tons of personal development articles, and maybe even gone to talk therapy — but none of these things have brought the results you’re looking for. And now, you’re tired of over-thinking and underperforming. And you’re overwhelmed by the fear that this is it – that you’re stuck in this hole for good, and if you don’t find a real solution soon, you’ll sink even deeper into anxiety or depression.

Even worse, you worry that your unstable mood will create devastating consequences on your real life: perhaps you’ll get fired, or friends won’t enjoy hanging out with you anymore, or you’ll gain weight and cringe every time you look in the mirror.

Other people would see you as a failure or a burden, and you would have no idea where you’d go or what you would do after that. You’d just feel completely lost and alone, and you would really hate yourself for failing to live up to your potential.

Sound familiar? Well then keep reading, because this is the beginning of a whole new chapter of your life.

I firmly believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You were born with all the talent, intelligence, and strength you need to be utterly happy and fulfilled. Sure, you make mistakes, and sometimes you might even intentionally make choices that you know don’t serve your long-term well-being. You might be prone to more negativity, self-doubt, or procrastination than you’d like to be. But that doesn’t mean something is wrong with you! It means that nobody ever taught you the right tools to listen and learn from your mind, body, and spirit.

Radiant Wholeness is about embracing and strengthening all parts of you – rather than getting caught up in being bad or “not enough.” No more covering up your weaknesses, or simply learning to cope with and settle for your difficult feelings. Together, we’ll transform the negative energy that’s keeping you stuck into actionable wisdom, and then consciously create the lifestyle, mindset and relationships that support your deepest needs.

When you embrace Radiant Wholeness, your whole life comes into alignment, and everything finally feels right again. Your career, your significant other, your friendships, your family, your hobbies, and even your way of thinking reflect the real, fully satisfied you, and you shine from the inside out.

Sounds like the results you’re looking for?

Here’s how to get started:

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About Me

I’m a life coach based in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve got a Masters from Columbia University, and I’m an ex-therapist, a certified yoga teacher, a meditation instructor, a nutrition counselor, and published author.

But none of that really matters because that’s just what I am, not who I am. Here’s the real deal: like you, I used to be an over-anxious, depressed and under-confident woman, hiding behind a lot of masks, makeup, and medication. I was outwardly “successful” but inwardly miserable; and I was always looking for the magic bullet solution to “fix myself,” which was an exhausting and endless experience.

So instead, I committed to a new path: L-O-V-E. Not just the “woo woo” stuff, but the hard, practical tools and skills that allow me to treat myself with respect, stand by my deepest values, and process difficult feelings with integrity. Walking this path wasn’t easy in the beginning, but it led me to the most gorgeous destination: these days, I’m wildly fulfilled, abundantly energetic, and totally ready for anything life throws at me.

Ready to join me?  I’m here to give you personalized and concrete healing tools, remind you of your worthiness, and help you transform whatever qualities or experiences have got you paralyzed. Radiant Wholeness awaits!

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