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5 Strategies To Develop Good Habits

What was your biggest goal for 2017?  And how’s it going so far?

One of the many reasons that I love September is because I find it’s a really good time to revisit and re-commit to the goals I’ve set for the year. It is the right time to relook at your plan and to develop good habits.

Many of us get thrown off track for one reason or another throughout the course of the year. The summer months can be especially disorienting because, as relaxing as they are, we tend to break out of our routines.

Most people make it all the way to December before they are reminded to prepare for the new year and reflect on the old one. They remember the goals they had set, and they look back with frustration, wondering how they got so off course. But right now, in September, we still have more than 3 months left to make some substantial progress on what matters most to us this year.

No matter what your goal is, the best way to be successful is to break the big goal down into actionable habits. Because habits are things that you repeatedly do. And what you repeatedly do - specifically, what you spend time thinking about and doing each day - ultimately forms the person you are, the things you believe, and the way you show up in the world.

Once you select the habits that are going to support your goal, you’ve got to make sure you stick to these new behaviors. This way, come December, when everyone around you is lamenting the loss of one more year, you’ll be celebrating all the progress you’ve made!

Common logic tells us that if we want to develop a new habit, we have to start by ‘getting motivated.’ But this approach never works in the long term. In fact, this approach is why most of our attempts to develop good habits fail.

If you're a human, then your memory and your motivation will let you down at some point. They are both limited resources that we lose access to when life gets tough.

So in this video, I share 5 techniques that will help you develop good habits, putting you on a surefire path to achieve what matters most.

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